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The NORAD Santa tracker is a fun tool to add the magice of the Holidays to a child's imagination. As a family, you can track the flight of Santa Claus as he navigates the globe.

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Q: What is the purpose of the NORAD Santa tracker?
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What famous agency provides a Santa tracker?

NORAD provides a "Santa tracker". NORAD uses "Santa" as a code name.

Where is the Santa Tracker website from?


Where is the Santa Tracker website from NORAD?

See Related Links for the link to Norad Tracks Santa

Is the NORAD Santa Tracker true?

no sorry

Why does the norad Santa tracker exist?

The NORAD Santa tracker is used for one use only, to make children believe in Santa and help make the jobs of the parents easier. This tracker is only used on Christmas eve.

Is the norad Santa tracker real?

yes the norad tracking santa is real cause me and my sis tryed it and i asked my mom she said that the norad tracking santa is used by the satellite

What kind of activity is the NORAD Santa?

The NORAD Santa is a tracker. It tells where Santa is during his magical journey. This is proof that santa is real because his activities and location can be tracked.

How do you track Santa?

I always use Norad's Santa Tracker. See the link below :)

Does the NORAD Santa Tracker track Santa all year?

No, the NORAD Santa tracker only tracks Santa during his magical ride. If you check the site, it says to check back next December to track Santa and that he is back home making toys

What time should Santa be here?

It depends where you live, And if Santa's late or not. So should go to NORAD santa tracker.

Can you download software that will enable your computer to show the norad santa tracker?

The software needed to use the Norad Santa Tracker is the Adobe Flashplayer. You can download this program from Adobe's website. Also, make sure that JavaScript is enabled on your computer.

What does the norad Santa tracker do?

The North American Aerospace Defense Command tracks Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.