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vadia loca

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Q: What is the name given to Cannabis Resin?
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What is in cannabis resin?


Where does cannabis resin come from?

cannabis resin in the UK mostly comes from Morocco in North Africa via Spain

What is a concentrated form of cannabis made from unadulterated resin from the female Cannabis sa?

The typical name of this is hash which comes in many forms and will get you way higher.

What is eew pipe?

An EEW pipe is for cannabis resin.

What are examples of cannabis?

some examples of cannabis are marijuana. Hashish, Hash Oil andResidue (resin).

What are some examples of cannabis?

some examples of cannabis are marijuana. Hashish, Hash Oil andResidue (resin).

What is a blim?

A blim is a slang term for a chunk of cannabis resin.

Who referred to cannabis as hashish?

The term hashish, is derived from the name for the Saracen soldiers, called hashashins, who ingested the highly potent cannabis resin before being sent out to assassinate enemies.

Is incense bad for you?

No, not by any means. I burn it all the time and I love it. It is just like any other incense. Most cannabis incenses are not made of cannabis. Those that do have cannabis, only have resin from the hemp plant.

Can you be arrested for 2grams of cannabis resin?

Yes. The resin is HIGHLY concentrated and the gram-weight laws apply to measuring only leaves and buds.

Who and how was cannabis made?

Cannabis is a naturally (or cultivated) occurring plant - it grows naturally in many countries such as Jamaica and Afghanistan. Smokable cannabis flower/bud is made by cultivating the plant, cropping the flowers then drying and 'curing' the buds - it becomes much more psychoactive after it is dried. Cannabis pollen/resin is created by compressing the resin of the plant into a dense object.

What is the common name given to fossilized tree resin?

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