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Benjamin Marauder PCP .22 Cal pistol using C02 not air. Or the Airforce Talon using the short barrel with full Shroud and C02 power supply. The Marauder comes in both a pistol form and a rifle format. Both will cost you around $390 for the pistol and $470 for the rifle. The Talon comes in a rifle format only and can cost as much as $1000 with accessories

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Q: What is the most quiet co2 pistol?
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Is co2 okay for a 357 magnum pistol?

If you are asking about the Crosman C02 pellet pistol then Yes that is what it is designed to power the pistol.

How many rounds does a co2 pistol shoot?

The number of rounds a CO2 pistol can shoot depends on the specific model and brand. On average, a standard CO2 pistol can shoot around 40-50 rounds before needing a new CO2 cartridge. However, some high-capacity models can shoot up to 100 rounds or more before needing a cartridge change.

Can you use different types of gas in a co2 pistol?


What sized co2 cartridge does a tsd sports metal m1911 silver co2 pistol take?


Which is the most powerful co2 pistol beretta elite 2 or a beretta px4 storm?

Beretta Elite 2 has more power

Can you shoot a 16 gram cartridge of Co2 in an air pistol meant for 12 grams?

It won't fit in the pistol.

You have an airsoft m16 should you now get a CO2 pistol or a tri-shot shotgun?

Get the pistol, preferably a 1911, you get better velocity, and a smaller easier to carry pistol.

How powerful is the C11 C02 bb pistol?

The c11 co2 pistol shoots at 480 Feet Per Second (FPS)

Do you want to keep your CO2 in your airsoft pistol after a battle?

no it will ruin your gun if you do

What is the most quiet Silenced pistol?

There is only a subjective answer to this question. To try and be speciffc, a pistol where the breach can be locked in the closed position would be about as quiet as you can get. An example of this would be a Thompson Center Contender single shot pistol. Another requirement for a successfully "silent" pistol would be a subsonic cartridge. This could be either a naturally subsonic cartridge, such as the .45 ACP or 9x17mm/.380 ACP, or reduced loadings of a naturally supersonic cartridge to make it travel at subsonic speeds.

Can you put a scope on a tsd m9 co2 gas airsoft pistol?

It is possible.

What does a daisey co2 93 pistol shoot?

It was designed for BB's .175 or .177