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Generally, a telescopic one. Like a scope on a Sniper rifle

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Q: What is the most accurate sight on a gun?
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Which sight is the most accurate on a gun?


What does the hip fire do on modern warfare 2?

it makes the gun moire accurate when you are not aiming down the sight

Which is the most accurate hand gun 9mm or 22cal?

Both can be equally accurate

Can you attach a red dot sight to your stryker cybrid paintball gun?

No. It does not have any rails, nor is it accurate enough to need one.

Which type of sight is most accurate and give the best view of the target?

Depends on the target. Generally, but not always, a telescopic sight.

What is the most accurate gun pricing book to buy?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is the most accurate gun?

The question can't be answered as written.

Which paintball gun is the most accurate?

Super soaker 8000

How do you sight a power line 880 bb gun?

How do you sight a power line 880 bb gun?

Best sight for a paintball gun?

AIM B Style Red Dot Gun Sight-wrong your barrel

How much is a good red dot airsoft scope?

Unless you have a higher priced or accurate gun, buy high end bb's and take the time to sight it in properly, a red dot or any optics does not do much for the gun.

Does and airsoft gun M16 have a sight on it?

Yes, a front and a rear sight.