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unclear it appears to be 16 but current articles on that subject are few and far between

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Q: What is the legal age for getting a tattoo without parental consent in Israel?
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Can Israel exist without US?

Of course Israel can exist without the U.S. While the United States helps and supports Israel, Israel can still exist without them.

What is the biggest party in Israel?

After Likud united with Liebarman´s "Israel is Our Home" party, this bloc is without doubt the biggest party of Israel.

Does israel have fossil fuels?

No. Israel does not have either coal or petroleum. There is some work currently on getting off-shore natural gas into Israel, but otherwise, Israel imports all fossil fuels.

Can an ex felon get passport to visit Israel?

Assuming that this question is about United States "ex felons" the tricky part is getting the US Passport, not visiting Israel. Some tips on getting a US Passport if you are a felon are at the following link. Once you have a passport, you can freely visit Israel without a VISA. European Union, British, and Canadian regulations may be different, but I would guess not by much. As for other regions, please ask specifically about that region. (Obviously, a citizen of a country that does not recognize Israel will be unable to acquire a passport to visit Israel regardless of being an ex-felon or upstanding citizen.)

Can girls go to school in Israel?

Yes and without issue.

Where was the movie not without my daughter filmed?

united states and israel

What is the best ulpan in Israel?

ulpan akiva, without a doubt!

What did prime minister Manchem Begin of to help Israel in getting its independence do before he became leader of Israel?

Prime Minister Menachem Begin was the leader of the Irgun before he became Prime Minister of Israel.

What kind of houses are there in Israel?

In Israel the houses are mostly built out of stone and concrete. It Is a relatively dry climate without many forests. For that reason the stone is more common than wood in Israel.

How do you write Israel in Arabic?

Israel = إِسْرَائِيل (with vowels) or إسرائيل (without vowels)

What are Jimmy Carter's most known achievements?

brokering peace between Egypt and Israel negotiating the Camp David accords getting Egypt to recognize Israel.

Does the international dateline run through israel?

The IDL doesn't run through any countries, and it's about as far as you can get from Israel without leaving the earth.