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I should think that ear piercing is the least painful

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Q: What is the least painful body piercing?
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Where is the least painful place to pierce your tongue?

In a professional body piercing studio and the piercing done by a professional body piercer.

Where is the least painful area to get a piercing?

Most say that their navel and ear were the least painful but it differs from person to person and their level for pain tolerance.

Is body piercing at a young age bad?

I would recommend against body piercing at a young age. It is painful, and it can lead to infections. If you want to be noticed, wear some distinctive clothing. Get an interesting haircut. Piercing is going too far.

How old can you be for a body piercing?

You have to be at least 14 with a parents signature as well as yours where ever you get the piercing done.

What is the least painful place for ears pierced?

Seriously and honestly avoid piercing guns at all costs, see a professional body piercer, the technique and method used for body piercing is meant to minimize the pain and discomfort involved in body piercing. Piercing guns are designed and intended for uses on the ear lobe only, check out the related link for a honest discussion about the methods for piercing.

Can a testicle really be pierced with little pain?

No, piercing a testicle would be extremely painful and dangerous due to the sensitivity and fragility of the tissue. It is not recommended to attempt to pierce a testicle under any circumstances.

Does nipple piercing hurt more then getting your tonuge peirced?

Yes, however it should be noted that tongue piercings are one of the least painful piercings to get.

What are the risk for piercing the nipples body parts?

A large risk for any piercing, really, is that of infection. Also, due to placement, the piercing could easily get caught on something. If it is not un-caught, it could get ripped out. The placement could also cause it to be mroe painful or distracting.

How painful is a tongue piercing?

The initial piercing is not painful. The only thing felt is the pressure of needle. The clamp on the tongue hurts more than the actual piercing. The healing after is the painful part. The tongue will swell, and the muscle will be sore. As the tongue adjust to the metal and heals itself from the initial tear and swelling, the pain will subside, generally over a few days following the piercing. By experience, a piercing in the upper cartilage hurts more than a piercing in the tongue.

Does it hurt when you get your bellybutton piersed?

yes it is the most painful piercing

Can you hit a nerve by piercing your ear?

Well if you are piercing your self hitting a nerve should be the least of your worries. The chances are better that you will screw up the piercing or contract an infection by doing it yourself. Leave piercing to trained professional body piercers and then you will have not worries.

What is less painful in your opinion Lip brow or tongue piercing Im 16 and im looking for a last rebel act when im 18?

The brow piercing is less painful. If you're planning to have a job in the future a brow piercing is more acceptable.