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Don't do any drugs while you're pregnant unless you want to ruin your child's life.

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Q: What is the effects of marijuana on a fetus?
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I have smoked bit of marijuana and i did find out that im pregnant 6 weeks what can happend?

A "bit" of marijuana will do no harm to the fetus, however habitual/daily smoking of marijuana (Or tobacco) will have adverse effects on the unborn baby.

Can pregnant woman smoke marijuana?

You can rephrase the question to "Should my unborn fetus smoke marijuana?". Because that is really what you are asking. If you get high the fetus get high. So the answer is no.

What effects does marijuana and magic mushrooms have on a fetus?

Depending on when the marijuana was smoked in accordance with the progress of the pregnancy, it has different effects. early on it would effect the baby because its organs and everything are developing. Later on, I wouldn't suggest doing it, but by then everything is developed but still very well could harm him/her

What effects does marijuana have during pregnancy?

That is like making a baby smoke weed but worse since the fetus is developing new organs. They can also get addicted to it. Everything you put into your body they get as well.

Is a fetus system clean from marijuana if the mothers is?

y do u care?

Can smoking marijuana cause miscarriage?

No but it affects the fetus in a negative way.

What are the noticeable effects of marijuana?

What are the noticeable effects on pot

What are the side effects of continual use of marijuana?

There are many side effects of continual use of marijuana. Some of the side effects of marijuana are extreme sleepiness, nausea, asthma, and urinary tract infections.

If your system is clean from marijuana is your fetus?

Yes, this means the fetus is clean. Your blood is his blood. If you have drugs in your system then so will he. You can be prosecuted for drugs in your infant's system.

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