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After the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union realized that modern and future combat for enlisted soldiers would consist of a range less than 300 meters. Therefore, it was deemed a waste in resources to produce a rifle for longer ranged combat. (Targets over 300 meters was designated to snipers using more powerful and more accurate rifles)

Thus, the AK - 47 was designed and produces to be the most accurate and reliable weapon for combat up to 300 meters.

Fairly inexpensive and able to function in the most adverse conditions, the AK was and still is the weapon of choice for many countries - the most widely used assault rifle in the world.

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Q: What is the effective range of an AK-47?
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What is the maximum effective range of an AK47?

300 to 400 meters

What is the maximum effective range of a Soviet AK47?

The round will kill you at 1000 meters, the accuracy of the weapon is rated at 400. MER (any weapon) is generally considered the range at which you will have 50% hits on a man sized target. A hit idoes not always mean a kill.

What is the value of an AK-47 in the US?

A transferable AK47 would be in the 10-25K range.

Is the MP5 better than the AK47?

Not really, if you want to blow a mans arm off, go with the ak47, if you want to raid a house, use a silenced mp5 . Depends on what the environment gives you. Desert/ AK47 Urban/ Mp5 TO ADD TO THAT... the Mp5 is a 9mm gun = weak compared to the 7.62x39mm round of the AK47. The AK47 is deadly in close range, but horrible at long range, only up to 400 meters, but the MP5 can only hit up to 150 meters. Besides the MP5 is a SMG can't really compare it to a assault rifle.---ALEX CHIEM

What is better an ak47 or mp5?

The AK 47 has more range and is more forgiving of battle field conditions.

What is the effective range and maximum range of a 22-short?

Effective range- 50 yards. Maximum- 1 mile

Maximum and effective range of 9mm?

For a 9mm PISTOL- effective range is about 50 meters. Max range about 960.

What is the maximum effective range of the m16a2 and m9?

What is the maximum effective range of the M16A2 and M9?

What is the effective range to a point area target and maximun effective range of the M249 squad automatic weapon with the short barrel?

The maximum effective range of a point target on the M249 is 800 meters. The maximum effective range of an area target is 1000 meters. The maximum range is about 3600 meters.

What is the maximum effective range of the M11?

50 metres is going to be the given effective range of any pistol.

How many rounds are in a ak47?

Its going to depend on the capacity of the magazine that you are using which range from 5 round to big 75 +? round drums

What is the range of a 9mm Glock?

Effective range is about 25m