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Ethyl alcohol (ethanol), C6H5OH.

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Q: What is the effective ingredients in alcohol drinks?
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Why drinks are named as soft drinks?

"Hard" drinks contain alcohol. Anything without alcohol is a soft drink.

Does Walmart Stores sell detox pills or drinks?

Alcohol detox products have not been shown to be effective.

What is the difference between alcoholic drinks and soft drinks?

Soft drinks are soda-based drinks which do not contain alcohol or its components... thus it is also called a non-alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drinks are alcohol-based drinks... also known as hard drinks.

Alcohol and energy drinks?

Alcohol and energy are popular drinks within society. These type of drinks have effects on a persons body that can be harmful.

What is the meaning of teetotaler?

A teetotaler is a person that does not drink alcohol.

What kinds of alchol found in drinks?

There is only one kind of alcohol in alcoholic drinks. That is ethyl alcohol.

What is alcohol test?

Alcohol test ( proof ) is the percent of alcohol in drinks.

What are the ingridients of alcohol?

Just that, ethyl alcohol AKA ethanol... It's the alcohol we drink.

How do you prevent alcohol abuse?

A person who consumes 14 or more alcohol drinks in a week is considered to be at risk of alcohol abuse. The best way to prevent the abuse is to monitor, and limit the amount of alcohol drinks consumed in a day. Doctors recommend limiting drinks with alcohol to 3 or less a day.

Is alcohol drinks a refreshment?


What are some drinks that have alcohol in them?

Alcohol is in wine, beer, spirits etc.

Can sugary drinks help with cravings for alcohol?

no alcohol has nothing to do with sugar