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Stop buying pot.

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2010-03-28 06:29:55
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Q: What is the easiest way to stop smoking weed?
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What is the easiest way to successfully quit smoking?

stop smoking.

What is the best way for a heavy smoker to get weed out of you system?

Stop smoking and wait a week.

What should you do if your boyfriend of almost 3 years is not being honest and lying to you about smoking weed with his friends when you've told him to stop since you are worried and love him so much?

Smoking weed is an addiction, you should try telling an adult. That is the only possible way to get him to stop if he hasn't listened to you. Smoking weed for a long time can be fatal.

How many people have died from smoking pot?

There is no way you can die from smoking weed!

What is the easiest way to weed a garden?

pay someone to do it for you

Can smoking weed alter paternity results?

No way, man. Smoking weed does not alter your DNA, no matter how much you think you smoke.

How you CAN stop smoking weed?

Although weed is not physically addictive, you can definitely develop a mental addiction to it (such as I have). I dont see any way I will quit smoking weed in the near future. The only way to quit smoking is to dissociate yourself with it as much as possible (that means not hanging your friends who smoke weed). Also try to find a hobby in order to keep your mind off weed and the crave you have for it.

What could be done to help stop smoking?

There are a few ways to stop smoking although their not easy. Their are medicenes and gum. You should visit a doctor and he/she will let you know what you can use to help you stop smoking. NLP is the easiest, quickest and the healthiest way to quit smoking. You can quit in just 38 minutes and 13 seconds!

Does smoking weed affect your eyes in a harmful way?


What's the fastest way to pass a drug test after smoking weed?

There is only one way to get weed out of a persons system. The fastest and only way to be weed free is time.

How do you clean yourself of marijuana?

Distract yourself. You have come to believe that smoking weed helps you cope and manage life. Your thoughts may tend to automatically focus of smoking weed when life gets stressful or hard. Get out of your head. The longer you sit there thinking about smoking weed the harder it will be. What you think, you do.Step 2 Move. If you find yourself up in your head obsessing about smoking weed, get up. Exercise or clean. Do something active as motion is emotion. You may have become lazy or unmotivated while smoking weed. Start moving again. You may get tired or fatigued easily at first, but your body will quickly adapt. Get the blood flowing again as it will actually increase your energy.Step 3 Have a goal. As always in life, when you have a goal or destination you are able to take the hits better along the way. The urges to smoke weed will lesson if you have a clear vision of where you want to go. Make this goal meaningful as it has to be motivating to you. To just stop smoking weed is not that meaningful of a goal. But if you decide to stop smoking weed for your wife or kid, then it carries more weight.Step 4 Help someone. Doing for others is always a good way to feel better about yourself. Smoking weed is a selfish act and focuses only on you. Give back by helping others. Choose five random acts of kindness to do for others each day. If you are focused on how to help others you wont be sitting up in your head thinking about smoking weed.Step 5 Replace the behavior. You will have more time on your hands when you stop smoking weed. Fill it with a hobby. Fill up your time with an activity you enjoy. You may have used weed to help you cope with stress. When you stop smoking weed, you will not have that as an outlet anymore. Give yourself another outlet or way to cope.Step 6 Get involved in life again. Smoking weed will tend to isolate you from life at times. You may have started to believe that you need weed in order to engage in social activities. You may have been smoking weed for so long that you forget how to engage in life without it. It will be stressful at times as you re-learn to socialize with others without weed in your system, but challenge yourself to engage with othersStep 7 Quit the excuses. The mind can play tricks on you. You can probably justify almost anything. Listen to that quiet little voice inside asking you to stop smoking weed. You always know the truth of what you need to do. You live with you and must live with the choices you make. You can't lie to yourself no matter how much you justify smoking weed in your mind. Listen to the desires and dreams you have inside. The more you try to justify smoking weed, the more you will feel empty and distressed inside.Step 8 Make a commitment. Put it in your head that you want to stop smoking weed and stick to it. If you think about it, you are pretty good at getting what you want. If you were running out of weed, or desired to smoke weed, you found a way to do it. Use these powers for good!source :

How do you clean your body from weed?

The only effective way to "clean' your body from pot is to stop smoking it altogether. You don't need weed to live or be happy. Let it go and substitute that activity with something productive and positive You can do it.

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