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no way.

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Q: Does smoking marijuana once a month affects your health?
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How long can marijuana be detected in new growth after you quit smoking?

I do believe after one month of smoking marijuana it will clear out of your system but I also believe it depends on how long you were smoking tge marijuana for.

How long does marijuana stay in your bloodstream and urine after smoking two joints?

About a month

If i smoked very little marijuana one month ago will i test positive in a blood test?

Smoking marijuana an month ago, you can be test, and find positive. Marijuana stay in your system about 28 to 31 days

How long marijuana stays in body?

marijuana stays in your body temporarily for a few hours in to you urinate the effect will go a way.....

Is it normal to have a productive cough when quitting smoking marijuana?

You might still have tar in your lungs, if you adopt a fitness program you'll be OK in about month.

You to take a swab drug test in 8 days but ive been smoking marijuana constantly for the last 6 month will it show?

I would say yes.

How much is smoking cost a month?

depends on price of cigerettes or cigars you are smoking a month

Do cigarette's affect the time period marijuana stays in your system?

No. Frequency if smoking marihuana does. Smoking a few times a month it will be in your system for about 30 days after last consumption. Frequent use can make it stay for 90 days or longer.

How long does marijuana stay in your system if you smoke it every once in a while?

The THC in marijuana can stay in the body for anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, and usually about a month (4 weeks). Smoking it frequently enough can make it stay without limit.

How long does it take a heavy user to get marijuana out of body?

Most of the effects will be gone within 2-3 hours after smoking, but it'll show up in urine tests for a month.

How does marijuana smoke affect a 2 month old baby?

NO smoke should be inhaled by the baby at all. Its more harmful to the baby to breathe it in than to the person who is smoking...which is stupid.