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recently the age has declined it is now 9

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Q: What is the earliest youngest age at which a girl can start ovulating?
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How old was the youngest girl to start her period?

Can start when they are 11

When is the earliest age a girl can start puberty and periods?

about 14

At what age can girls get pregnant?

A girl can become pregnant usually after puberty. This is because of her menstrual cycle. She must be ovulating though in order for her to conceive (become pregnant). Some women can have periods without ovulating so that would be the most important thing is that she ovulates.

When do girls start ovulating?

The age that a young girl starts ovulating varies for each girl. Girls start puberty at different ages. The average age is around 11 years old, but it can range from 9 years old to 16 years old.

Who is the youngest cheetah girl?

the youngest cheetah girl is keily

When is a girl not ovulating?

A girl is usually ovulating two weeks before her period or a week before her period. So a week or two after it she's not ovulating,but with some girls they know when they ovulate by certain signs.

Can a 10 year girl get pregnant?

You start ovulating before you get your period and some girls do that as early as 10 so yes, it can happen.

How old is the youngest girl to smoke cigarettes?

Youngest GirlThe youngest girl is 10 years old.!!!!!!!!

What is the minimum age of a lady who can birth a child?

Anyone who has a menstrual cycle and is ovulating is capable of giving birth. The youngest person ever to give birth was a 5 year old girl from Peru.

When did Brownie Girl Guides start?

Brownies were started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell as the youngest level of Girl Guides in 1914.

What is the youngest age a filly can get pregnant?

The youngest age for a girl to get pregnant is 14 but it's safe to get pregnant only after the age of 18. not really ! well basically a girl can get pregnant from the age of 10! coz that when periods start!

Who was the youngest girl to get pregnant in the world?

The youngest girl to get pregnant was lina medina, a 5 year old peruvian girl.

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