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If a woman has cycles that are NOT 28 days, then this information will not be accurate. Generally speaking, a positive on a home pregnancy test can appear up to five days before you MISS your period, so that would be FOUR days before your period is due - again, this assuming you have a 14 day luteal phase (the time between ovulation and menstuation). What does this mean? It is possible that some tests will pick up a positive at 10 days post-ovulation. It is uncommon, but some women have gotten a positive result a day or two earlier than this. Most women will NOT experience a positive result until after they have missed their period. A doctor's urine test is no more accurate than an over-the-counter pregnancy test, but a blood beta would be able to detect pregnancy a day or two sooner than a urine test.

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Q: What is the earliest time a pregnancy be detected and when can a blood test detect the pregnancy?
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What if your hcg level is to low to detect pregnancy?

Pregnancy can also be detected through a blood test

Whats earliest doctor can detect pregnancy?

1 week after your missed period. A blood test can detect the HCG levels in your blood then

Can the Progesterone Blood Test detect pregnancy?

Can the progesterone blood test detect pregnancy?

Can blood tests detect methadone?

Yes, Methadone can be detected in a blood test.

Can blood tests detect pregnancy?


Would a blood test for pregnancy detect hiv?

No, a blood test for pregnancy would not detect HIV. Ask for the HIV test by name.

How is caffeine detected in the blood?

Caffeine can be detected in the blood by administering a blood test. The test must go through a lab in order to detect the caffeine.

Are doctors able to detect pregnancy within forty eight hours of conception?

no blood test can detect pregnancy with in 7 days and an ultrasound can not detect pregnancy until 3 weeks lmp. no blood test can detect pregnancy with in 7 days and an ultrasound can not detect pregnancy until 3 weeks after conception 5 weeks lmp

When is the earliest that you can detect pregnancy?

at first thought of being pregnant however most women wait untill 3-days after their missed period to take a pregnacy test i would sugest the: EPT pregnancy test(error proof test) The earliest and most accurate time you can detect pregnancy is with a urine test....home pregnancy test, when your late for your period or three weeks after having unprotected sex. Or with a blood test, you can detect pregnancy within 5-7 days after having sex.

Can the saliva ovulation predictor detect pregnancy?

Hello, Unfortunately a Saliva Ovulation test cannot detect pregnancy because HCG will not be found in saliva. HCG is only detected in blood or urine. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in place of a Medical experts. ------------------------------------------------------------

Does a blood test have to ordered to detect cocaine?

No, it can be detected through other tests.

What can blood test detect?

A blood test can detect many different diseases. It also can detect pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and sexually transmitted infections.

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