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i ain't sure i had the exact same quastion for my science booklet -1.1 safety in science class, but i think that the whmis symbols define how is matirail dangerous and the safety symblos define how much is dangerous

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Q: What is the difference between whmis symbole and safety symbole?
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What is the difference between whmis and hhps?

WHMIS = Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Safety HHPS = Household Hazardous Product Safety

What is the difference between WHMIS symbols and safety symbols used on commercial products?

:P This is for a test is it not :D im doing the same thing :)

What is the difference between hhps and whmis products?

WHMIS products are for workplace , used in a lab , where HHPS is a household plce , where products are used for household!

Is WHMIS important?

yes It is very important, with WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Information System, people can be warned from danger that comes from hazardous materials. In WHMIS, proper labeling with caution will surely give safety precautions more boost. With the increase safety in the workplace, an increase in productivity is definitely expected.

What is the purpse of WHMIS?

The purpose of the WHMIS provides information about a given supplier. The purpose of the WHMIS is that it provides you with information about a given supplier.

How can an employee achieve certification of WHMIS?

Upon completing a WHMIS test.

What is the difference between a workplace label and a supplier label?

Heloothe difference between work place label and supplier labels are assigned to registered company in order to prevent fraud or refund of product if not from a certain go away .... this is plagerisum..Actually a workplace label in WHMIS regulations is a label that can be created to put onto a decanted product or a product that has been manufactured in house and not for distribution. It has fewer requirements such as the product name, WHMIS symbols, PPE requirements and safety statements. A supplier label is the label that is provided by the manufacturer and contains alot more information such as the suppliers name and address, reference to the MSDS, a hatched border, symbols, first aid measures, etc.

Is Whmis is part of the iso 14000 system?

No. The WHMIS was written long before ISO 14000. While compliance with WHMIS can prepare you for compliance with the environmental aspects of ISO 14000, there is no way in which you can say that WHMIS "is part of" ISO 14000.

Is whmis required under American and Canadian laws?

False. WHMIS is Canadian Only.

What does the acronym WHMIS stand for?

WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.

Why are there two different sets of safety symbols for labeling chemicals?

There are two sets of safety symbols because one of them are for house hold items, while the other one is for workplace items therefore the term used WHMIS.

What distinguishes a WHMIS label from other label?

bold hatched boarder