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A trcfone only lets you text and talk

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Q: What is the difference between tracfone and gophone?
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What's the best pay as you go wireless service?

Many people like Tracfone and GoPhone. However, which is best is based on your price and service needs.

What is the most inexpensive no contract mobile phone?

Try Tracfone, GoPhone, T Mobile Prepaid, and Verizon. These services all offer cheap prepaid cell phone deals.

Is a Virgin mobile phone the same as a tracfone?

No, you need to buy a Tracfone phone to use their service.

How much is the monthly cost of a gophone?

The monthly cost of a GoPhone will vary depending on the plan that a person decides to choose. The average monthly cost can vary between $20 and $30.00.

Do they have an lg vu gophone?

You cant buy it as a gophone, you have to buy the gophone and the lg vu separately. I would recommend if you are looking to get a gophone, buy the cheapest gophone, then buy the lg vu. Do not registar the sim card with the gophone register it with the lg vu. Then it should work. If that does not work go to the att store they will glady register the phone for you. If you have a gophone and looking to buy a lg vu, take you old gophone to an att store buy the lg vu, ask if they can set up the phone for you. They probably will have to transfer your gophone sim card to a new sim card cause your gophone sim card is only registered for your gophone. You will still have the gophone service, same phone number and all your gophone features will work with this new sim card. Note* just in case, Make sure the phone works before leaving the store. I did this recently i got myself a samsung eternity and works great! I replaced it with an old gophone i had. So yes the lg vu can be used as a gophone. As well all att cell phones e,xcept the iphone (with the new update) and blackberrys, can work with the gophone.

What is the difference between a LG500 and LG500GHL cell phones?

The LG500 is the standard LG500 Series model. The LG500GHL is LG's version of the LG500 but it's made for TracFone.

What kind of plan is used with an ATandT GoPhone?

The AT&T GoPhone uses a prepaid phone plan. The GoPhone prepaid plan allows users to refill airtime by purchasing prepaid cards from various retailers. Another option to refill airtime is to purchase refill packages from AT&T's refill site for the GoPhone.

What is the difference between a pay-as-you-go phone and a TracFone?

The difference is mostly the cost per minute of use. A Go-phone is usually 1.00 for each day of use and .10 a minute; 2.00 would get you 10 minutes of use. A Tracphone is usually .25 a minute; 2.00 would get you 8 minutes.

Can you use the iPhone with gophone?


Is tracfone to tracfone calls free?

Unfortunately no.

Is there a way to pay less for GoPhone's?

If you steal it...

What are the 10 cheapest prepaid cell phone plans?

Try Tracfone, GoPhone, T Mobile Prepaid, T Mobile Prepaid Annual, Alltel Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Net 10, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and Verizon Wireless. These all offer cheap prepaid cell phone deals.