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President is an English word which refers to an elected official, and Fuhrer is a German word (meaning leader) which refers to an absolute dictator.

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Q: What is the difference between the president and the fuhrer?
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Why did Dr Strangelove call the president ''mein Fuhrer''. Who was the Fuhrer?

Adolf Hitler.

How did Hitler become president?

Hitler was never actually elected by the German people to become Fuhrer he took the control in 1933. He ran for President in 1932 but lost to the current President, and was appointed Chancellor of Germany. When the Nazi's took over Germany in 1933 he was appointed by the party to become Fuhrer.

What government offices is fuhrer a combination of?

Hitler styled himself Fuhrer in 1934 after the death of the German President, he therefore combined the offices of Reich Chancellor, German President and Leader of NSDAP.

What was the title given to Adolf Hitler?

Der Fuhrer The Boss Chancellor President That is pretty much it.

What is the difference between president and acting president?

There is a very big difference between president and acting president. The president is the leader full-time and the acting president just steps in when needed.

How many years difference is there between the youngest president and Mr Obama?

how many years difference is there between the youngest president and Mr. Obama?

If Hitler was called Fuhrer what was Stalin referred to as?

Stalin served as the President of the Politburo of the Soviet Union.

Where is Fuhrer?

"Fuhrer" is German for leader.

What is the difference between president and a queen?

The President does not have all the power in the U.S.A and the Queen does have all the power.

What the diffence between emper and president?

The difference between an Emperor and a President is that an Emperor is the male sovereign or supreme ruler of an empire and a President is the elected head of a republican state.

What the difference between mission director and mission president?

mission director for NASA and mission president for ESA

Who was president of Germany during the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler was President at the time of the Holocaust. Hitler was made Chancellor and President, this new "role" was called Fuhrer. This is what ultimately made Hitler a Dictator.