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Study is singular

Studies is plural

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Q: What is the difference between study and studies?
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Whats the difference between therapist and psychologist?

Well my friend has an aunt that studies psychology. She says that the difference is that psychologists study psychology and therapists study therapy. :)

What is the difference between -logy and -ologist?

"ology" is the study of something and "ologist" is a person who studies that something.

What type of research design studies the difference between groups of people?

cross sectional study

What is the difference between geological studies and the sonar studies?

what is the main difference between geolgical studies and the sonar studies

Differentiate between a Feasibility study and a viability study?

The difference between feasibility study and a viability study is in what they determine. Feasibility study looks at the practicability of the business while viability studies look at how well a business can stand risks and survive.

What is the difference between a meteorologist and atation model?

meteorologist is a person who studies the weather and a station model is a design made to study weather

What is the difference between a paleontologist and a paleoanthropologist?

Paleoanthropology is a sect of paleontology. So while a paleontologist studies prehistoric life, a paleoanthropologist just studies ancient humans.

What is the difference between botany and botanist?

a biologist specializing in the study of plants

If you study ecology what do you study?

An ecologist studies the interaction between life forms in an environment.

What is the Difference between case study and white paper?

Case studies are more generic in nature whereas a white paper tries to address a particular problem

What is difference between social studies and social science?

Social Studies is the history, geography, and all that stuff learned throughout elementary school. Social Science is the study of how people act around one another.

Difference between method study and work measurement?

Differentiate between work study and method study.