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shuffle makes it shuffle your songs and don't replay them and shuffle repeat shuffles the songs and can repeat songs

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Q: What is the difference between shuffle and shuffle repeat?
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What is the difference between the Shuffle and the Melbourne Shuffle?

There is no difference. I live in Melbourne so I call it just the shuffle. To someone who doesn't live in Melbourne it is the Melbourne shuffle.

What is the difference between iPod Nano and iPod shuffle?

ipod nano is touch screen (if it is touch) and shuffle isnt. it only has buttons

How can you make VLC Media Player play with repeat and shuffle options activated by default?

go in playlist option then click on repeat and shuffle whatever u want

How do you make the eclipse 180 mp3 player shuffle your music?

Go to the menu in music, settings, repeat, then shuffle.

What is the difference between while and repeat?

while means when it is happening. repeat means to do again

What is difference between repeat delay and repeat rate?

repeat rate happens grasually, whereas repeat delay happens instantly

What is the difference between an I pod nano and I pod shuffle?

An ipod nano is larger than an ipod shuffle and on an ipod nano you can both create and watch videos.

Can you put a song on repeat on the first generation iPod Shuffle?

may be one

What is the difference between a circle and a cycle?

A circle is complete and a cycle repeat

What is the difference between iPod nano and iPod touch?

A Nano is a Shuffle with a screen, while a Touch is a iPhone without the phone.

Difference between repeat and duplicate in corel draw?

the difference is that inrepeat if you have undo anything and you want it back so repeat brings it back. In duplicate you can get another copy of the thing you have made.

What is the difference between repeat and redo?

You use redo to undo an undo, but you use repeat to initiate the same keystrokes just completed in your typing.