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Go to the menu in music, settings, repeat, then shuffle.

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Q: How do you make the eclipse 180 mp3 player shuffle your music?
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How can you use iPod shuffle on same computer with an iPod touch?

All you have to do is make your iPod shuffle only sync music instead of everything that your itouch is syncing.

How do you make your iPod shuffle not shuffle?

there is a switch on the top that you can slide back and forth to make it not shuffle.

How do you make songs play in a row on iPod shuffle?

The switch on the top has three modes for the iPod: Off, play in order, and shuffle. The center of the switch is to play your music library in order.

How can you make VLC Media Player play with repeat and shuffle options activated by default?

go in playlist option then click on repeat and shuffle whatever u want

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How do you remove write protection from your sansui SAN0012 mp3 player?

Turn the HOLD button OFF and make sure the SHUFFLE button is on SHUFFLE and you will then be able to delete songs and add songs, if you use VISTA like myself right click on the icon for your MP3 player and click on open as portable device and make sure you follow the above steps and you will have no problems at all..

How do you get the shuffle off an iPod shuffle?

There is a little switch by the on and off switch.... to the left. There are two arrows and the ones that cross and then go the same way is NO Shuffle. But the other one is to MAKE it shuffle.... Hope I helped! LoL! <3-Sodus Chicka!

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