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role means to do acting and responsible means to take care of your things

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Q: What is the difference between role and responsibility of the teacher?
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What is the difference between a role and a responsibility?

A role is the part you choose and are expected to play in society.A responsibility is something you are obligated to do by a code of ethics.For example, being a teacher is a role chosen for instance by a woman. She is expected to be a good teacher by society.A responsibility would be, for instance, if this woman is a mother. She is obligated by a code of ethics to be a good mother to her children.

What is the difference between an associate teacher and a teacher?

Associate teachers are in an apprenticeship role where they are being trained by an experienced lead teacher.

What is the difference between Direct and indirect guidance?

the teacher's role in the classroom as guidance counselor

What is the difference between role and status?

wht is the difference between status & role

The difference between teaching assistant role and a teacher role?

The difference between a teacher and a teacher assistant is their qualifications for starters. A teacher has to be certified in his/her discipline. An assistant teacher has no certification. The teacher is the person in charge of the classroom and its students. The assistant is there to help him/her. The assistant has no authority in the classroom over the teacher. The teacher tells the assistant what to do and when to do it. The assistant should leave all parental contacts to the teacher because they are not authorized to have parental contact regarding the parent's child. This is totally up to the certified teacher that is in charge. Certified teachers should not go out into their community and tell people that they are a teacher. This is falsifying their identity in trying to be someone that they are not.

Difference between drama and role-plays?

difference between roleplay and drama

What is the difference between job analysis and role analysis?

no difference

What is the role of teacher in classroom?

the role of the teacher

What role a teacher pay in society?

The teachers have the responsibility to hone and develop the skills & characters of the new generation - the youth, who are the future of the society

What is the difference between a main role and lead role?

there isn't one

What is the difference between leaders and role models?

the difference is that leader you folow and a role model is someone who inspiers yuo

What is teacher in role in drama?

When the teacher takes part in the role play.