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A query datasheet displays the results of a query operation, showing data based on specified criteria or calculations. A table datasheet displays the data in a table format, representing information stored in a database table. In essence, a query datasheet is derived from a table datasheet and is dynamic based on the query criteria.

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Q: What is the difference between query datasheet and a table datasheet?
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What type of query extract the data and put them into separate table?

An extract, transform, load (ETL) query is typically used to extract data from a source, transform it as needed, and load it into a destination table. This process helps in organizing and transferring data between different systems efficiently.

What is the difference between union and intersect operations in SQL?

In SQL, the UNION operation combines the result sets of two or more queries into a single result set, removing any duplicate rows. The INTERSECT operation returns only the common rows that appear in both result sets of two or more queries.

What is the database term query?

In the context of databases, a query refers to a request for retrieving, updating, or manipulating data stored within a database. It is a way to communicate with the database to perform operations such as data retrieval, insertion, updating, and deletion based on specific criteria. Queries are typically written using query languages like SQL (Structured Query Language) to interact with databases.

What ways can you use to display more fields from a table or query?

To display more fields from a table or query, you can adjust the query to select additional fields by adding them to the SELECT statement. This will allow you to retrieve more specific information from the database. Additionally, you can modify the layout of your display to show additional fields by customizing the user interface or report design to include the desired information.

With SQL how can you delete the records where the FirstName is Peter in the Persons Table?

To delete records where FirstName is Peter in the Persons Table, you can use the following SQL query: DELETE FROM Persons WHERE FirstName = 'Peter';

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What is a replica of a table or query's Datasheet view that maintains some form properties although the form is limited in design and control options?

Datasheet Form

What are 2 ways to add a record to a table in Access?

You can enter it through the datasheet. You can enter it through a form. You can also use an Append Query to add records to a table from another table.

What is the process in which Access searches a table of records and then displays the records in a datasheet?

What you seem to be describing is a Query. Databases run queries when the humans want information out of the database. Microsoft Access has a separate Table structure for creating and running Query. The correct answer is called a Run. (report)

You may view an Access table or a query in Design view or in this other view which displays records with rows and columns of information similar to an Excel spreadsheet.?

Datasheet view.

What is the difference between reports and queries?

query takes a table and given the criteria entered into it it displays the results that meet that search. While a report just spits out a table in the database

Can a table record be displayed?

a. by selecting a table in Datasheet view

What view shows the table data in a row and column format?

Datasheet view

What form displays a table in a datasheet?


What is the difference between update and append query?

Update queries modify information within a record at one or more fields at a time.Append queries copy complete records at a time, adding to the existing set of records in a table.For example, if an "Address" field needs to be changed for the records in a table, you can use an update query to make that change. If you have two tables with various "Customer Information" listings, you can use an append query to copy the records of one table to the other.

What is the difference between Dynaset and snapshot in VB?

a dynaset object can be used to retrieve information from a recordset and use the resault of the query to then edit the records and it also can get resaults from more than one table. On the other hand the snaphot gets information from only one table on the query and the data can not be edited or updated

What is the difference between design view from datasheet view?

A data sheet view shows the data in the database. It allows you to enter and edit the data, but you cannot change the format of the database. Design view allows you to create or change the table, form or any other database object.

What does Excel call a worksheet that contains contiguous rows and columns of data where the first row of each column serves as a label?

The labels and data under them could be referred to as a table.