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Q: What is the difference between query datasheet and a table datasheet?
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What is a replica of a table or query's Datasheet view that maintains some form properties although the form is limited in design and control options?

Datasheet Form

What are 2 ways to add a record to a table in Access?

You can enter it through the datasheet. You can enter it through a form. You can also use an Append Query to add records to a table from another table.

You may view an Access table or a query in Design view or in this other view which displays records with rows and columns of information similar to an Excel spreadsheet.?

Datasheet view.

Excel calls a worksheet that has initial rows consisting of labels?


Can a table record be displayed?

a. by selecting a table in Datasheet view

What is the difference between reports and queries?

query takes a table and given the criteria entered into it it displays the results that meet that search. While a report just spits out a table in the database

What form displays a table in a datasheet?


What is the difference between database table and database view?

The database table has a physical existence in the database. A view is a virtual table, that is one that does not actually exist. View is made up of a query on one or many tables in a database.

What is the difference between design view and data sheet view?

Design view shows the field and their types and other properties, but not the data. You can make changes to the design of the table there. Datasheet view shows you the actual data and you can change the data in it, but not the design of the table.

View where a table is represented as rows and columns?

Datasheet view

What is the difference between update and append query?

Update queries modify information within a record at one or more fields at a time.Append queries copy complete records at a time, adding to the existing set of records in a table.For example, if an "Address" field needs to be changed for the records in a table, you can use an update query to make that change. If you have two tables with various "Customer Information" listings, you can use an append query to copy the records of one table to the other.

How do you create a table from a query in ACCESS?

There is a Make Table query and also a data definition query. Either can be used to do it. If you go into Design view of a query you can change the query type through the query menu. If you select a Make Table query it will bring you through the options you need. You can do things like take data from an existing table and create a new table out of it using some or all of the fields and some or all of the records.

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