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Phosphorus is a chemical element, while phosphatase is an enzyme used to remove chemical groups containing phosphorus, called phosphate gr

oups, which are present in many bio molecules.

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Q: What is the difference between phosphorus and phosphatase?
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What is a healthy phosphate level for water?

Normal phosphorus level is 2.5 - 4.5 mg/dl Ther is also an acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase.

Why do hydrogen and phosphorus mainly form covalent bonds?

The difference of electronegativity between hydrogen and phosphorus is not adequate to form ionic bonds.

What is the difference between sodium and phosphorus oxide?

sodium has valency of +1 while phosphorus has of +3 and +5 so the oxides they form are different and thus have different nature as well.

What is phosphatase test in milk?

The phosphatase test in milk measures the amount of phosphatase enzyme in the milk. The phosphatase enzyme should be inactivated by pasteurisation. If the phosphatase test is not negative, there is a problem with pasteurisation or recontamination with unpasteurised milk.

What is the difference between phosphorylase and phosphatase?

Phosphorylase adds the Phosphate group to substrate, but phosphatase takes off the Phosphate group from the substrate. the function of phosphorylase can be considered as same as kinase. they are all playing key roles in the cellular signalling transduction via control the phosphorylation, the phosphatase can be the negative or positive regulator for different pathways. e.g. PTP1B dephosphorylates the JAK2 to suppress leptin in the hypothalamus that contribute to weight gain.

Can you eat phosphors?

Although I would not recommend it, yes you can as most are non-toxic.If however you meant elemental Phosphorus instead of phosphors, NO, some form of Phosphorus are deadly poisons and white Phosphorus spontaneously ignites on contact with air!!!If you don't know the difference between phosphors and Phosphorus, that is the subject of a different question.

Difference between donor and acceptor impurities in semiconductors?

donor--arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen acceptor--boron, aluminum, gallium

Can phosphorus and hydrogen produce an ionic bond?

no, they form covalent bond as the difference in electronegativity between P and H is below 1.7

How is alkaline phosphatase testing performed?

Alkaline phosphatase is measured by combining the person's serum with specific substances with which alkaline phosphatase is known to react.this reaction is measured.the amount of alkaline phosphatase in the person's serum is determined.

What is the difference between phosphorus doped and gallium doped semiconductors?

phosphorus doped semiconductor will be N type.gallium doped semiconductor will be P type.There are also other differences due to the different size of the dopant atoms.

What is the difference between P4 and 4P?

4P means there are 4 separate atoms of phosphorus whiles P4 means there are are 4 atoms in a molecule of phosphorus

Which bond is more polar a phosphorus fcholrine bond or a phosphorus fluorine bond?

The bond between phosphorus and fluorine atoms is more polar than the bond between phosphorus and chlorine atoms.