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Pascal means the pressure = force divided by area. Decibels means a logarithmic unit of measurement that expresses the magnitude of a physical quantity relative to a specified or implied reference level. Since it is a ratio of two quantities with the same unit, it is a dimensionless unit. The difference is like between a car and a banana.

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Q: What is the difference between pascal and decibels?
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What is the difference between decibels and hertz?

Decibels is a ratio and hertz is cycles per second.

How much difference is there between fifty decibels and fifty seven decibels?

The difference is the amount of time you can listen to it safely. Every 8 decibel will cut your safe listening hours by 1/2. The difference is enormous.

What are the difference between pascal and c?

c is a both high and low level language but pascal is a low level language only

What is the difference between write and writeln in pascal?

'ln' -- it means 'new line' after writing

What is the difference between read and readln in pascal?

Readln discards all other values on the same line, but read does not.

Difference between java and pascal?

java is more user friendly and needs an interpreter to translate from source code to executable

How loud is 55 decibels?

The weakest sound heard is measured at 0 decibels, while the loudest possible is 194 decibels. The noise levels at 55 decibels would be fairly quiet, somewhere between whisper and a normal conversation.

What is the unit used to measure the level of sound?

The unit of the sound pressure is the pascal or Newton / square meters. The sound pressure level (SPL) is measured by decibels.

What is the relation between pascal and cm of mercury?

1 Pascal = 0.000750062 cmHg

What is the difference of visual basic 6.0 and turbo pascal?

Everything. For example BASIC and Pascal are entirely different languages.

What is the different between positive and negative decibel?

Negative decibels mean damping (loss) and positive decibels mean amplification (gain).

What is the difference between Pascal's principle and Archimedes principle?

Archimedes principle is what determines the buoyant force and pascal principle is when a force is applied to a confined fluid an increase in pressure is transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid . this relationship is known as pascal principle.

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