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A sub-machine gun fires pistol cartridges. A machine gun fires rifle rounds.

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2011-03-15 17:39:16
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Q: What is the difference between machine gun and sub-machine gun?
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What is the difference between a submachine gun and a machine pistol?

The pistol does not have a permanently attached stock- and it is a lot harder to control. The pistol is one handed, the gun two.

Ooh zee machine gun?

Spelled Uzi, it is a submachine gun made in Israel.

What machine gun was used by America in world war 2?

Submachine Guns * Thompson M1928, M1928A1, M1, M1A1 * M3/A1 'Grease Gun' * M50 Reising submachine gun Machine Guns* Browning M1919 Medium Machine Gun * Browning M1917A1 Heavy Machine Gun * Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun

Is an AK 47 a machine gun? is not an a machine gun (u probably wont be knowing this) the minigun or gatling gun is considered to be a machine gun a proper one tho. most people say it a machine gun but it is a submachine gun

What is the difference between machine gun and sub machine gun?

Generally, a sub-machine gun fires a handgun round and a machine gun fires a rifle round.

Is a sub machine gun and a machine pistol the same?

Yes and no. Some submachine guns have a shoulder stock, most machine pistols do not.

When was Thompson submachine gun created?

Thompson submachine gun was created in 1919.

What is the best machine gun?

xm8 AK-47 ----------- those r submachine guns.... the best machine gun is the 7.62 (i think it was called that). it is a revolving machine gue use on heli s and tanks

What kinds of guns were used in World War 2 by the Americans?

M1 Garand Rifle M1 Carbine M1 Submachine gun (Tommy Gun) M3 Submachine gun (Grease Gun) BAR M1919 Machine gun M1911A1 Pistol (Colt 45) M1903 Springfield Rifle

What is the difference between maxim gun amd machine gun?

Machine gun is a much broader category, which includes both current and obsolete models. The Maxim gun is a specific type of machine gun, and an obsolete one, at that.

What type of weapons fire automatically?

An automatic firearm is a firearm that will fire as long as the trigger is pressed and there is ammunition available. Some examples of automatic firearms are a machine gun, submachine gun, and machine pistol.

What is the most powerful submachine gun?

If you are referring to the present, today's most powerful sub-machine gun is the H&K UMP .45 cal sub-machine gun, or the Kriss Vector SMG. if you are referring to the past however then its undeniably the Tommy Gun. also a .45 cal sub-machine gun.

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