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gay's and lesbian's like the same sex, (man with a man, women with a women). straight like the oppisite sex, (men with a women)

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Q: What is the difference between gay and straight?
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What is the difference between straight and gay couples?

The difference between straight and gay partners is their gender attraction. Straight people are attracted the opposite gender for their partners, whereas gay people are attracted to their own gender.

Do gay men have a less pronounced Adam's apple?

No, there is no physical difference between gay and straight men.

Is something different in fingers of gay people?

No. There is no difference at all between the body of a gay person and the body of a straight person.

Are gay people always nice?

There is no difference between the personality of a gay person as opposde to a straight one. The only thing different between the two is what sort of sexual partner they prefer. Other than that, gay people and straight people are the same.

What is the difference between gay men and straight men?

Well that's a bit of a silly question to ask . Gay guys like boys/men , straight guys like girls/women. simple :)

What is the difference between normal male and gay male anus?

An Anus is a Anus Gay Straight are Bi are Female.. BUt Gays Have the Desirer to PLay with it.. LOL Have SEx with It in it >>..

If a boy becomes gay what is the difference made in his body?

You can't change to gay. It's not possible. Sexual orientation is permanently fixed at a young age, possibly birth. Also, there is no difference between a gay man's body and a straight man's body.

What if gay is straight and straight is gay?

THEN gay is straight and straight is gay

What is the different between a curve banana and a straight banana?

A curved banana is a gay banana and a straight banana is not a gay banana.

Is there a biological difference between gay and straight people?

Yes, there is. Tests have shown that gay men have different balances of hormones and different wiring in the brain to straight men. It is theorised by many that there is also a genetic difference, but there isn't yet any proof of this. Tests on women have been inconclusive so far.

How does a gay man flirt with a gay man?

It makes no difference whether you are gay or straight, you flirt the way you flirt. There is no big mystery about it.

What is the difference between homosexual and heterosexual?

Straight (hetero): Attracted to the opposite sex/gender Gay/Lesbian (homo): Attracted to the same sex/gender