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Force implies that you waste energy while in conservation you do not waste it.

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Q: What is the difference between force and conservation of energy?
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How can force and energy be produced and used to benefit life on earth?

First, please be sure to understand the difference between "force" and "energy". Energy (and work) have the dimensions force x distance, so it is not the same thing. Second, there is no way to produce energy out of nothing. You can merely convert one type of energy to another. Read some articles on the "Law of Conservation of Energy" for more details. That being said, there are lots of ways that energy can be harvested (not created), and used.

What is the difference between elastic force and elastic potential energy?

Elastic force is a force which you are acting on it while elastic potential energy is produced when the spring is being compressed or stretched

Why the attraction is zero at the middle of a bar magnet?

Conservation of energy. Attraction is a force, force is zero at conservation of energy.The forces inside the bar magnet configure themselves spatially to conserve energy. The middle of the bar is also an inflection point for energy.

What is the difference between gravitational potential energy and gravitational force?

Gravitational Force, F, is the derivative of Gravitational Energy E; F=XE = (d/dr + Del)E. Energy has units of Joules and Force has units of Newtons.

What is the difference between nuclear force and binding energy?

The nuclear force is what binds the nucleons, which are protons and neutrons, together in the nucleus of an atom. The binding energy is the amount of energy needed to break the atom apart. The one is a force, and the other is a measurement.

What is the difference between force of gravity and gravity?

By Gravity we mean the energy of Gravity E= - mGM/r = -mu/r. Force is the first derivative of energy so the force of Gravity is dE/dr = mu/r^2. Force is the first derivative for all kinds of energy.

Can a machine increase both the force and the distance over which the force is applied Why or why not?

No. That would violate Conservation of Energy.

What is the difference between the input force and output force?

The difference between and input force and an output force is that an output force is force exerted by a machine, and an input force is force exerted on a machine.

What is The difference between a Strike Team and a Task Force is?

what is the difference between a Strike Team and a Task Force

Why is the law of conservation of momentum important?

The Law of conservation of momentum tells us that the law of conservation of energy is in effect. The first derivative of energy is force. If the force is zero, then there is conservation of energy. If force is zero than momentum is constant as force is dP/dt then 0=dP/dt or Conservation of Momentum.

How do machines multiply force without multiplying work?

Work is the (force)*(distance)*(cosine of angle between force and distance). Therefore if you increase the force but the work remains the same either the distance has been reduced or the angle has changed.

What is the difference between effort force and resistance force?

by the negative force and the positive force