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The difference between potential difference and electro motive force is that potential difference never remains constant whereas the electro motive force always stays constant.

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Q: Differentiate between potential difference and electro motive force?
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What is the potential difference between two points in a circuit is called?

Voltage drop

What is the push behind the flow of electrons?

The force that causes electrons to flow is called the Potential Difference, and it is measured in Volts(V).

Ionic bonds are between?

They are between two atoms.These atoms have high electro negativity difference

Which increases as the electro negativity difference between 2 atoms increases?

Covalent nature of the bond

What is difference between electro motive force of a bettary and emf produced due to change in current in conductor?

workdone on unit postive charge by bettary is called electro motive force .it is not a force but traditionaly used as force to carrying charge from lower potential to higher potential. when current change in a coil then megnatic flux is change due to which emf is induced . this emf is a effect of changing current while electro motive force is a work donr by bettary to carry out the current in a wire

Is there any difference between the switching action of relays and contactors?

No, there is not any difference between the switching action of a relay and a contactor. Both of these devices are operated by an electro magnetic coil.

Why hydrogen bonding is not present in hydrogen sulphide?

There should be much electro negativity difference to form H bond.There is no enough difference between H and S.

A difference between electric forces and gravitational forces is that electrical forces include?

Electro-magnetism, or the electromotive force - EMF.

What is counter electro-magnteic force?

It is also called back EMF. Back EMF is the electric potential difference that opposes the current that induces it. See related link below.

What is the difference between potential difference and voltage difference?

To specifically answer the question, there is no such thing as 'voltage difference' because, by definition, 'voltage' means 'potential difference' -not 'potential'!You can compare 'potential' with height, and 'potential difference' with the difference in height.The height of an object depends upon from where you measure it. For example an object three-quarters of the way up a 1000 m mountain is +750 m from the base of the mountain, but -250 m from the top of the mountain. Note how we apply a positive or a negative sign to indicate whether we are measuring upwards or downwards.The same applies to potential. It's value depends upon from where it is measured. For example, two charged objects could have a potential of , say, +5 V with respect to earth (ground) and a potential of -15 V with respect to earth. But the potential difference between them will be +5 - (-15) = 20 V.Notice how, in the above example, we always show a positive or negative sign when we talk about potential, but we don't use these signs when we talk about a potential difference. Furthermore, it is important that we must ALWAYS specify the reference point when we describe potential -e.g. "What is the potential at point A, with respect to (say) earth?"Taking this further. It's important to know that the term 'voltage' means 'potential difference', and not 'potential'! It would be quite wrong to say that the 'voltage of an object is (say) -200 V with respect to earth'. The correct expression would be the 'potentialof an object is -200 V with respect to earth'.

What is the difference between electro-light and non-electrolight?

wikipidea is a big help in our study because it can easily know our hardly word

Why does cooper reacts with air to form oxide?

In chemical terms, the answer to the question "Why does copper oxidize?" is that the electro potential of copper is higher than that of oxygen. When a metal has an electro potential higher than oxygen, oxidization is a spontaneous reaction that occurs.