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converging lens show virtual and real images while diverging shows virtual images.

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Q: What is the difference between converging lens and diverging lens?
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Is a magnifying glass a converging lens or a diverging lens?


The differences in converging lens and a diverging lens?

Besides shape, a converging lens can show real and virtual images, while a diverging lens can only show virtual images

Is convex called a converging lens or a diverging lens?

A convex lens is wider at the edges than it is in the center. Therefore, it is a converging lens.

Which of the following is accurate in describing converging and diverging lenses?

If a single lens forms a virtual image of an object, thenthe lens could be either a diverging or a converging lens.Which statement about a single thin lens is correctA diverging lens always produces a virtual upright image.

What happens to light after it passes through a converging lens and after it passes through a diverging lens?

it doubles

The function of the lens is to?

The function of lens is to to form an image of an object by converging or diverging rays of light from the object.

Are diverging mirrors and convex mirrors the same thing?

Yes. Nd converging lens = concave lens

How are convex and concave lens different?

Convex is always converging action and concave has diverging action.

What is two factors that affect the way that light is refracted through a lens?

1.diverging 2.converging

Is 2 diopters a positive power?

If it is written as +2 Diopters it is positive, ie a converging lens. If it is written as -2 Diopters it is negative, ie a diverging lens. Diverging lenses are prescribed for myopia, or short-sightedness. Converging lenses are prescribed for hypermetropia or long-sightedness.

Is a contact lens a diverging or a converging lens?

They can be either. They will converge if thicker in the middle than edges, and diverge if thinner in the middle than edges.

Which lens has the least effect on light rays?

Lens exists in two forms, diverging, or converging. They affect light rays equally, but in contrasting manners.

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