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diverging beam of light means the rays which are spreading more away from each other on drawing further but the converging beam of light come closer to each other on drawing further.

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Q: What is the difference between converging and diverging beam of light?
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What is the difference between diverging and converging light rays?

Diverging is pushing them away from each other and converging is bringing them together. It is really interesting so Google it to find out more. or try Wikipedia!

What happens to light after it passes through a converging lens and after it passes through a diverging lens?

it doubles

What is two factors that affect the way that light is refracted through a lens?

1.diverging 2.converging

The function of the lens is to?

The function of lens is to to form an image of an object by converging or diverging rays of light from the object.

Which lens has the least effect on light rays?

Lens exists in two forms, diverging, or converging. They affect light rays equally, but in contrasting manners.

Which of converging or diverging lenses are thicker in the center than on the edges?

Converging. Think of burning ants with a magnifying glass. A magnifying glass is thicker in the middle and it makes the sun's light converge on the ants.

What are the different types of light beam?

There are only two types, they are parallel and non parallel. Non parallel can be further be classified into converging and diverging.

What is the difference between a convergent and divergent light ray?

A diverging light ray spreads out (diverges) in different directions, while a convergent light ray comes together (converges) at a single point known as the focus.

What is the difference between divergent and convergent light rays?

A diverging beam spreads out(diverges) in different directions,while a convergent light ray comes together(converges) at a single point known as focus.

How does light beam spread?

depends on what kind of light wave there are diverging beams that diverge there are parallel beams that... are parallel and there are converging beams that... converge to 1 point

What are virtual and real images and what is the difference between them?

Here we have to note down an interesting point. If we have a source of light, then the rays starting right from the source would be diverging definitely. Hence if the rays coming from a source is of diverging type then the source is a real one. If otherwise the rays assumed coming from a source is converging type then we can declare that the source would be a virtual one. Same manner to form an image on a screen the rays have to converge. So converging rays would give definitely a real image. If the rays which are destined to give an image are of diverging type then the image must be termed as virtual. To get the position of the virtual image we have to extend back the rays so as they meet at a point and we say that the rays appear to diverge from that point hence named as virtual image. Thus we generalize this way. In case of source if rays are of diverging then source is real, if converging then source is virtual. In case of image formation, if rays are converging then real image and if diverging then virtual image. This is the cute point to be realized and to be taught to the students of this generation.

What is conoscopic illumiation?

Converging light.

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