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1.airfoil is the cross section area of an wing........

2.wing is a structure which can supports the whole aircraft.........

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Q: What is the difference between airfoil and wing?
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What is the difference between a wing and an airfoil?

the difference is that the wing is attached to the bussom of a bird and an airfoil is attached to the clock of the plane.

What is the difference between a wing and a airfoil?

there is not much difference between them but a wing is usually attached to a bird or a plane and the airfoil is attached in a planes' engine

What is the difference between airfoil and aerofoil?

The cross section geometry/shape of a wing is called as Airfoil in American English the same is called as Aero foil in British English.

What is another name for a wing?


What shape is a birds wing?

A flying bird's wing is in the shape of an airfoil.

What is the difference between airfoil profile and airfoil section?

The difference between airfoil and airfoil section is that airfoil is a structure with curved surfaces designed to give the most favorable ratio of lift to drag in a flight, it is used as the basic form of wings, fins, and tailplanes of most aircraft. An airfoil section is the cross- sectional shape or profile of an airfoil. I studied that in sixth grade for a model plane that I did a report on. Researching into things that aren't required can help put you farther into life's riches. Hope I helped.

What part of a plane is referred to an airfoil?

The shape of an airplane's wing is called the airfoil; this helps the plane to fly easily while in flight.

Wing span is defined as the distance from the leading edge of an airfoil to the trailing?

wingspan is defined as the distance from wing tip to wing tip

What is the purpose of an airfoil?

An airfoil is a 2-dimensional shape that defines when built and inserted in a moving fluid will create a "Lift". The airfoil or wing can be used to turn ships or make an airplane fly.

What is important about a bird's wing's shape?

A bird's wing is shape like an airfoil. (See the related link Diagram of an airfoil below.) The airfoil is curved more on top, so the air flowing over the top of the airfoil moves faster that the air underneath. This creates more pressure underneath the wing, pushing up and generating a force called lift. This force keeps the birds in the air. (This is also how the wings of an airplane work.)

Which part of the wing produces more lift the upper part or the lower part?

Tough question to answer as asked. In normal airfoils, the top of the airfoil is thicker and curved and it is this thicker, curved section that causes the air to speed up as it flows over it. This increase in airspeed over the top of the airfoil results in a lowering of the pressure and it is that pressure differential between the top and the bottom of the airfoil that is known as lift. However, while the shape of the top of the wing is what generates lift, the force itself is applied to the lower part of the wing, hence the airfoil rises. I guess the best answer would be to say it is produced by the upper part of the airfoil and is applied to the lower part of the airfoil. Look up Bernoulli for a more detailed discussion.

How does a plane fly with flat wings?

No matter its the same thing of an airfoil wing