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Q: What is the difference between a wing and a airfoil?
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What is the difference between a wing and an airfoil?

the difference is that the wing is attached to the bussom of a bird and an airfoil is attached to the clock of the plane.

What is the difference between airfoil and wing?

1.airfoil is the cross section area of an wing........ 2.wing is a structure which can supports the whole aircraft.........

What is the difference between airfoil and aerofoil?

The cross section geometry/shape of a wing is called as Airfoil in American English the same is called as Aero foil in British English.

What is another name for a wing?


What shape is a birds wing?

A flying bird's wing is in the shape of an airfoil.

What is the difference between airfoil profile and airfoil section?

The difference between airfoil and airfoil section is that airfoil is a structure with curved surfaces designed to give the most favorable ratio of lift to drag in a flight, it is used as the basic form of wings, fins, and tailplanes of most aircraft. An airfoil section is the cross- sectional shape or profile of an airfoil. I studied that in sixth grade for a model plane that I did a report on. Researching into things that aren't required can help put you farther into life's riches. Hope I helped.

Which part of the wing produces more lift the upper part or the lower part?

The upper part of the wing generally produces more lift than the lower part. This is due to the shape of the wing (airfoil) which is designed to create lower pressure above the wing and higher pressure below, resulting in lift.

How does an air foil wing create lift?

An airfoil wing creates lift by having a curved shape on its upper surface and a flatter shape on its lower surface. As the wing moves through the air, the air pressure above the wing decreases, creating lift due to the pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the wing. This lift force helps to keep the aircraft airborne.

Lift is created by different air pressure?


What force pushes up an airplane wing as it moves through the air?

The lift force is generated by the shape of the wing (airfoil) and the angle at which it meets the oncoming air. As the airplane moves through the air, the wing's design creates a pressure difference between the top and bottom surfaces, resulting in a net upward force known as lift.

What part of a plane is referred to an airfoil?

The shape of an airplane's wing is called the airfoil; this helps the plane to fly easily while in flight.

Wing span is defined as the distance from the leading edge of an airfoil to the trailing?

wingspan is defined as the distance from wing tip to wing tip