What is the difference between a lite app and a regular app?

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2010-01-06 03:21:40

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the lite app is like i demo with out the unlocked modes and the regular apps are the full game version with all the level

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2010-01-06 03:21:40
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Q: What is the difference between a lite app and a regular app?
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What is the difference of lite and not lite in the app store?

lite from the app store- is a demo and not lite is a full game

What is the difference between normal iPod Touch or iPhone apps and lite apps other than lite apps being free?

lite apps are supposed to be like a preview or a sample of the app like try before you buy

How do you get in app purchases for free?

u do it bygoing on free apps or the lite of an app

How do you get free in app purchases?

u do it bygoing on free apps or the lite of an app

What is the difference between a spreadsheet app and a word processing app?

A spreadsheet app has rows and columns. Word processing just goes down the page.

What is the difference between an app and an extension?

An app can be used independently whereas an extension has to be integrated in a website before it is used.

Is there a blood sugar chart I can load into an IPad?

There is! You can try out the Diabetes App and the Diabetes App Lite for iPad and iPad2+ on the iTunes store:;

What are opinions on the best free app for the iPad?

stair dismount lite

How do you recover password for secret folder lite iphone app?

Delete it

What is the difference between application software and app software?

There is no difference between application software and "app" software as "app" is just the shortened version of application. Many things are shortened online to keep it easier to text them and not run up huge data fees.

How do you text on itouch?

download ping lite, a free app from the itunes store

When will the PUBG MOBILE LITE come to India?

Hi, would you like to play the PUBG Mobile Lite game? if the PUBG Lite game is not launched yet and you want to play the game. you need to download the VPN Lite for PUBG Lite app this will help you to allow to play the PUBG Lite in your country.

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