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Q: What is the difference between Remington mod 7400 740 742 and 750?
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Do the rear sights from a Remington 7400 auto rifle fit on a Remington 74 auto rifle?

No. Minor difference, may be adapted to fit. Sights from the 740 would be a closer match. Check with Remington Customer Service- but the model 74 was only made for a very few years.

How many hundreds are there in 7400?

Dividing by ten just take a 0 off the end - so 7400 becomes 740 as in 7400 / 10 = 740 seven hundred and forty

What is the history of the Remington Woodmaster 742 30.06 rifle?

The 742 is a 740 semi auto with the feeding problems fixed. Made from mid 1950's until it was replaced with the 7400.

What is Replacement price of Used Remington 740 fieldmaster?

remington 740 fieldmaster . 30-06 caliber rifle

Where do you get Remington woodmaster 740 stocks?

The Remington Model 740 semi-automatic rifle has long been out-of-production. You may be able to find an original stock on one of the firearms auction sites, like Auction, or you might try ebay. Consider that the later model rifle stocks, like the 742, 7400 and 74 Express stocks will also fit, but will not match the 740 Model forearm pattern.

Can a magazine latch from a later model Remington rifle be substituted for the original from a Remington 740?

If you are referring to the magazine latch style from the Remington Model 7400, yes it can be used on the Remington Model 740, but you'll also need to use the spring that goes with the newer style. These latches (newer style) are available in varying heights numbering from 0 thru 5 so you'll need to make sure the right height/size is chosen to get correct cartridge feed in your rifle.

How many millimeters are in 740 centimeters?

7400 mm, because there are 10 mm/cm

What is the difference between Remington model 742 and model740 in 3006?

The Remington model 740 was the first semi-auto rifle chambered in 30-06,and was made from 1955-1959.The Remington model 742 was the next design and made from 1960-1980.I believe that the difference might be the gas piston,and the way the bolt locked up in the chamber(more bolt lugs).

When was Remington 740 sprg woodsmaster 30-06 sn 92648 built?

You will have to contact Remington.

How old is Remington Model 740 serial number 170073?

If I'm not mistaking the 740 was made from '55 to '59.

What is the value of a Remington Woodsmaster Model 740 280?

the 740 is a very old model, they sell for $250- $350 in this area

What is the rate of twist for a model 740 Remington rifle?

It will vary with caliber.

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