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Priority shipping is faster.

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Q: What is the difference between First class shipping and Priority Shipping?
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What does priority shipping mean?

Means you will get it between 2-7 days.

What is the difference between shipping and freight?

The difference between shipping and freight is that shipping is the transportation of goods from one destination to another, usually by sea or air. Both of these are known as sea freight shipping and air freight shipping. Freight is the goods being shipped, it is basically another term for cargo.

Is Standard Int'l Shipping safer Than Economy Int'l Shipping?

I Think there is no difference between the standard and economy shipping , two of them are safer , but that's delay on the faster and slower

What is the difference between delivery and packaging?

Packaging usually means putting items in a box in preparation for shipping, and delivery usually means the shipping itself.

What differences are there between motorcycle shipping and car shipping operations?

There is no real difference between the two since they are do the same when it comes to strapping them on the truck. The only real difference is that they stand the bike sideways to avoid the bike from falling

Agencies shipping cars in the us?

Agencies can be told as car shipping brokers, the shipping brokers can be tell as a middle man between you and car shipping company.

What is the difference between shipping and drop shipping?

Hi Dear, Shipping is a method that delivers commodities from suppliers to end-customers without any stopping at warehouses. Dropshipping is a business that allows shopkeepers no need to carry inventories as well, and suppliers and manufacturers carry out the order fulfillment.

What is the difference between FOB destination and FOB shipping point?

FOB (Freight On Board) Destination and FOB Shipping specifies whether the buyer or seller owns the goods, and therefore, who pays for the shipping and includes the items in their inventory. FOB Destination means that the seller owns the goods until the buyer receives them. Therefore, the seller pays the shipping costs. FOB Shipping means that the buyer owns the goods once they are shipped. Therefore, the buyer pays the shipping costs.

What is difference between Sea Line Of Communication and international shipping lane?

i don't know can somebody explain me please

What is interstate shipping?

Shipping between different states, for example in the U.S from California to Jacksonville, or Washington D.C to Ohio.

What decreased shipping rates between the hudson river and the great lakes?

The Erie Canal made shipping cheaper.

What is the average price for shipping a motorcylce from California to Florida?

The price for shipping a motorcycle from California to Florida varies by the shipping company. A price between $500-$1000 can usually be found though.