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the actual weight of the object is static weight and along with the shipping package is dynamic weight

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Q: What is the difference between static weight and dynamic weight?
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What is difference between static weight and dynamic weight?

Static weight is the total amount of weight a table can safely hold in a static position. The dynamic weight is the weight placed in an object and then put into motion. The difference therefore is the weight being stationary or in motion

What does dynamic force mean in science?

Dynamic means the force is in motion. As opposed to a static force that is not in motion. Torque is an example of a dynamic force, where a rotating shaft imparts a dynamic force to a machine. Weight is an example of a static force, where a mass sitting on the ground is acted on by the acceleration of gravity imparting a static force on the ground.

What is the difference between dynamic and static climbing rope?

Dynamic climbing rope stretches when it is loaded, so for a climber this means that when he falls, the rope will stretch a little as weight is applied, making a fall softer and safer. A static climbing rope does not stretch and has its advantages in situations where you need a rope that does not stretch or give, such as rappelling or caving use. A static rope should not be used by climbers who are lead climbing because taking a fall on a static rope can lead to serious injury to the climber or even cause the rope to snap as it does not properly absorb the force it needs to cushion a fall.

What is the weight of people and cars on a bridge called?

Dynamic Load The "load" is the total force and weight that a structure such as a bridge is designed to withstand. For a bridge, the total load includes the "dynamic" loads of traffic, people, wind, snow, and ice and the "static" load of the bridge's own weight.

What are static load and dynamic load?

A static load is the effect of gravity on an object or structure.A dynamic load is the forces that move or change when acting on a structure.Example of a dynamic load:Force of wind or the weight of a truckExample of a static load:Weight of a bridge

What are the conditions that oppose or resist motion?

mass/inertia, static and dynamic friction/ weight, air/wind, magnetism (in the case of a magnetic object in a magnetic field), ...

What is the difference in weight between a rabbit and hippo?

Three tons is the difference between them

What is the weight difference between cast iron and aluminum 454 heads?

about a 75 # weight difference between both sides.

What are static and dynamic lines?

. The guy above said it correctly static no give really dynamic changing or give essentially it strecthes. These two types are usually referred to when climbing lines are involved some ropes you want to give in case of fall the 10-20 ft from your last point in which you set the line. You want static when you rappel down a rock face because you do not want it to give but consistently bear your weight as you descend.

What is the average difference in weight between men and women?

The average weight difference between men and women of the same height and age is 10 pounds.

What is statical l oad?

A weight/load that does not move. For example, on a bridge, if there is a statue on the bridge, that would be considered a static load. A dynamic load is one that moves, such as cars passing over the bridge.

Why are masses in chemistry lab usually determined by a difference method?

I suppose that you think to tared weight. Net weight is the difference between gross weight and tared weight.