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Remington 700 ADL vs BDL vs CDL:

Remington 700s are the US Military's choice of sniper rifle.

Since 1962, Remington has produced the 700 series. More recently, the rifle has been adopted by the U.S. Military as a sniper weapon. Remington produced the classic Model 700 rifle in many varieties: the ADL, BDL, and CDL being 3 of them.


You may be wondering what you receive for paying two hundred dollars more for the BDL. BDLs are in current production. ADLs have now been discontinued. Although quite similar, the BDL and ADL can be differentiated in three separate ways.

* BDLs have a baseplate, and ADLs do not. This means that the BDL has a "hinged magazine floorplate," enabling the user to unload the firearm without cycling the bolt. This can be useful on those cold hunts when extremities are prone to numbness.

* BDLs have a unique fore-end cap that acts as a recoil buffer. The fore-end cap will be black and can be found on the tip of the back end of the stock. ADLs are without this device.

* The BDL model has, over its front sight, a black hood, in effect shielding the delicate front sight from the elements. The ADL is without this device.

BDL vs CDL: The function and mechanics of these rifles are identical; the difference lies in the aesthetics.

* The BDL features a high-gloss stock made of American walnut with a black cap on the fore-end. The stock is cut in the Monte Carlo style with a raised cheek piece and checkering cut into the hand grip and fore grip. The CDLalso is made of American walnut with a satin finish, a black cap on the fore-end and checkering cut into the hand grip and fore grip, however the CDL has a traditional straight stock with no raised cheek piece.

* The sights on the rifles also differ. The BDL comes standard with open sights, and the CDL is not equipped with sights. Both rifles are predrilled and tapped to accept scope mounts, but on the CDL your only option is to mount a scope.

* The BDL features a hinged magazine floor plate, allowing you access to the magazine from the bottom. The CDL has no such floor plate. Both rifles are loaded from the top of the action.

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ADL has a blind magazine, which can only be loaded and unloaded from the top.

BDL & CDL both have either a hinged floorplate for unloading, or a detachable magazine which is preloaded, then inserted from the bottom.

The ADL & BDL both have a montecarlo stock with cheekpiece.

The CDL has a classic (straight combed) stock.

The BDL & CDL have a black synthetic forend tip.

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Q: What is the difference between ADL BDL and CDL on a Remington 700?
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