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go look at the dictionary

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Q: What is the definition of upgrade in terms of the hotel terminology?
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What is the definition of terms in performance of hotel and restaurant management?


What is the difference in executive rooms and standard hotel room?

You'd need to ask the individual hotel. There's no specific legal definition of the terms.

Define terminology in terms of Information Technology?

Terminology means a collection of words, terms, acronyms etc. with meanings for a particular field or context. It gives the readers answers to "what is...?" "Define ....." and so on. For information technology terminology it is collection of terms related to this field. - Neeraj Sharma

What does the word terminology mean?

Terminology is some group of terms or words that are used in discussing some specific subject. Chemistry has its own terminology.

What is film terminology?

Film terminology is a set of terms or words that refer to specific aspects of film and cinema. This includes terms such as movies, film reviews and director.

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operational definition of terms

Example of a definition of terms in a research paper?

example of definition of terms

What is EFP in terms of filming terminology?

electronic film production

What language is Ballet terminology?

The brunt of ballet terminology is French. When using Russian technique there are also additional terms in that language.

What is the abbreviation symbol for 'at' in medical terms?

@ is the symbol used for "at" in medical terms. This is an example of crossover with lay terminology.

Terminology of front office?

their is lots of terms using in front office, please ask specific terms.

What has the author Kathlyn Griffith written?

Kathlyn Griffith has written: 'Dictionary of education terms' -- subject(s): Education, Dictionaries, Terminology 'Dictionary of education terms' -- subject(s): Education, Dictionaries, Terminology