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Best before date or use by date.

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Q: What is the date on the bottom of a beer can?
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Where is the expiration date on miller lite beer?

good question where is it no one knows is the date at the bottom underside of the can an experation date or brew date!

Where do you find the best befor date on canned beer?

In New Zealand its printed on the bottom of the can. But every country could be different...

What is the ball at bottom of guiness beer call?

Actually that little ball at the bottom of a guiness beer can is called a "Widget".

What do the dots on the bottom of beer cans mean?

The dots on the bottom of beer cans determine when the beer was bottled. The freshness of the beer can be determined by the color of the dot on the bottom. I forget which means the freshest and which means the least fresh, but I know thats what they mean. Your welcome!

Why does beer bubble from the bottom?

beer is nasty!y u drinking it?

What does L2310 1253 OT2 mean on the bottom of an A and W Root Beer Can?

It's a code number identifying the canning facility, the date, and the batch.

Does beer have an expiry date?


What is the out of date code date on heineken beer?


What style of beer is bottom fermented?

Lager beers are bottom fermented.

What is the width of the bottom of a beer bottle?

It varies.

What is at the bottom of Samuel Adams beer?


Does Budweiser beer have and expiry date?

Budweiser beer in the US has an expiration date of about 3 months for bottles and cans and about a month for keg beer. The taste deteriorates quickly after the date, and much quicker if exposed to heat or sunlight.

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