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Men don't actually have a counterpart to menstruation. The main purpose of menstruation is to get rid of a lining in the uterus that was originally designed to be something that a fertilized egg can implant onto, which will then be nourished by the lining. Since men don't have a uterus, and can't become pregnant, there's nothing similar in men.

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Q: What is the counter part of menstruation for men?
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Does menstruction occur?

No, menstruation occurs in individuals who have a uterus and typically identifies as female. Men do not experience menstruation.

What prevention is there for painful symptoms of menstruation?

There are over-the-counter pain killers, like Midol.

Why men don't have menstruation?

Men don't have periods, simply because they don't have a uterus.

Can boys have periods?

Yes, some boys will menstruate.Some men have a vagina, uterus, and ovaries so will menstruate just like cis women do. Remember that not all men have a penis, and some men have a vagina.Cis men do not have periods or "that time of the month" - menstruation is a specific function, it is not just women being moody and getting menstrual cramps. It's sexist to suggest that women's menstruation is just their being moody and cramping, neither of these are a normal part of menstruation but part of a social construct around menstruation or a result of hormonal imbalance.

What is the counter part of acid?

The counter part of 'acid' is 'base'

What part of the endometrium is lost in menstruation?

The whole edometrium is shed away during the menstruation, except the basal layer. To shed away the endometrium is the function of the menstruation.

Is there an over-the-counter HPV treatment for men?

No. There is no over-the-counter HPV treatment for either men or women.

Why there is difference in hemoglobin level in men and women?

Menstruation and poor diet.

The layer of the uterus that is sloughed off during menstruation?

The layer of the uterus that is shed during menstruation is the endometrium. This shedding is a normal process that occurs monthly in response to hormonal changes in the body.

What is the counterpart of menstruation for male?

There's no such thing. Men have no uterus, and thus do not menstruate.

What are the release dates for Something So Right - 1996 Something About the 'Men' in Menstruation 2-4?

Something So Right - 1996 Something About the 'Men' in Menstruation 2-4 was released on: USA: 17 March 1998

The monthly changes that the uterus undergoes are all part of the?