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In my opinion it feels most like Jello Pudding and tastes like pastachios

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Q: What is the consistency of the cervical mucus during early pregnancy?
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What color should the cervical be in an very early pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the cervix becomes closed and blue or purple in color. Also the cervical mucus tends increase due to hormonal changes.

What color will cervical mucus be in early pregnancy?


What happens when you have a small opening in your cervix in early stages of pregnancy?

The cervical opening should be small in the early stages of pregnancy. A closed cervix is a good indicator of a healthy pregnancy.

Why would you have a pap smear during the last stages of a pregnancy?

Pap smears are done to detect cervical cancer and precancerous changes in the cervix. They are typically done during the earlier part of pregnancy, but may be done later if not done early.

Is chicken good during early pregnancy?

Yes, chicken is good during early pregnancy.

When do you feel like vomiting after pregnancy?

Nausea during pregnancy is caused by changes in the hormone levels in the body during the early stages of pregnancy. It usually happens early on in the pregnancy.

What is meant by cervical length 3.3 cm?

A cervical length of 3.3 cm refers to the measurement of the length of the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus. This measurement is often taken during pregnancy to assess the risk of preterm labor. A cervical length of 3.3 cm is within the normal range for a non-pregnant or early pregnant woman.

Is bleeding during very early pregnancy normal?

Bleeding during pregnancy is not "normal" but some light spotting is reported by about 50% of women in early pregnancy.

Does your belly button feel different during early pregnancy?

In my experience, my belly button did not feel different during early pregnancy.

What could it mean if you start bleeding during a pap smear in early pregnancy?

The hormonal changes of pregnancy make the cervical tissue more delicate. Spotting after a pap smear is common in pregnancy. Contact your health care provider for advice if the spotting lasts more than a day or two.

What is the cervical position during early pregnancy?

Basically, the cervix will raise and become fleshy (typically quite hard) during early pregnancy, however, timing is all dependent on the individual. Some experience this change in different periods of the pregnancy; from the earlier stages until quite late in the first trimester. Quite frankly, don't rely on this as a means to determine whether you are pregnant or not. The advice of a professional is always the best answer.

Can your stomach be soft during early pregnancy?