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Yes, chicken is good during early pregnancy.

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Q: Is chicken good during early pregnancy?
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Is getting more acne during early pregnancy common?

no 2 pregnancy are the same there is no solid answer for this question. you may get it you might not. good luck

Are your gums being sore a sign of early pregnancy?

i hear that during pregnancy your gums bleed alot maybe idk maybe you should loo into it good luck

What happens when you have a small opening in your cervix in early stages of pregnancy?

The cervical opening should be small in the early stages of pregnancy. A closed cervix is a good indicator of a healthy pregnancy.

Can you eat beetroot during pregnancy period?

Beet roots are very good to be eaten during pregnancy. It contains iron and it need to be supplemented during the pregnancy.

Is brinjals and sweet potatoes safe to eat during pregnancy?

yes both are good during pregnancy

How good is passion fruit juice during pregnancy?

Occasional diluted is okay. Too many sweet drinks are not good during pregnancy.

Effects of taking laxatives in early pregnancy?

Not a good idea

Is kandha poha good in pregnancy?

Yes,poha is good during pregnancy .It is nutrisious & easily digetable.

Is sweet smelling CM during the two week wait a sign of early pregnancy?

Hello there - A increase in CM is a sign of pregnancy along with all the other pregnancy symptoms. I have never heard of sweet smelling CM being a symptom of pregnancy. Good luck TTC. :o)

Is it ok to get your teeth cleaned during early pregnancy?

Yes it is good if you go for early cleaning of your teeth at this time , as due to hormonal changes gum disease may increase and you may have gums problems later in pregnancy. You can read my knol -- dental care during pregnancy -- that will help you with your problem. link to my knol -

Is litchi fruit good in pregnancy?

Yes you can eat all fruits during pregnancy.

Can you eat Walnut during pregnancy?

Yes, you can eat walnuts during pregnancy! Rather it is a good idea to eat walnut during pregnancy as they boost brain development and stave off nausea.