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Slowly go into the topic and then just in a like a joke way and ask her

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Q: What is the best way to ask a girl for sex?
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What is the best way to attract a girl that you think like you?

ask her if she wants to have sex, if she doesnt, shes a waste of your time:)

Best way to ask out girl?

Ask her if she wants to do lunch.

How You Know if your Boyfriend Wants Sex?

Best way is to ask him

How do you ask girl for sex?

Hopefully you know the girl well enough that this question won't be totally out of the blue. The best way is to work up to it slowly and be polite. And if she says no or isn't ready, listen!

How do you ask a teenage girl to make love to you?

the best way is to tell her your mind especially when you people find yourself in a room and she is proving hard or she dose not like sex.

What words do you have to say to a girl for sex?

It depends on the girl and the situation. Ideally, you are in a relationship with the girl and the two of you can discuss it; however, if you are just attracted to a girl and want to have sex with her, it is probably best not to say anything unless you want to risk being told no way. There really are no words to say unless you just come out and ask.

What is the best way to ask a 14 year old girl out?

Answer There is no best way to ask anyone out. You have to come up with your own plan and then go for it. hi

What is the best way for a girl to ask out another girl?

The same way a guy would ask out a girl approach her and tell her that you like her if she is straight then she might not be interested but you never know till you try.

How can you tell if a boy is a girl?

ask them orrr.................. well nvm just ask them that's the best way

What is the best way for a timid guy to ask a girl out in private?

send her a note

What is the best way to ask a girl that you know pretty well for her number?

can i have your number

What do girls dream?

It depends on the girl. The best way to find out is just to ask her.