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sakura, naruto, sakon

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Q: What is the best way to do the 'a girl grown up' mission on Naruto arena?
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How do you get Naruto kyuubi in Naruto arena?

Well, you must complete the mission ''rise of a jinchuriki''. I try to complete this mission too but I can't find Kabuto because to unlock naruto kyubi you must win 1 time kabuto. the best team for this mission is team 7 (naruto, sakura, sasuke)

What is the best online Naruto game?

I would have to say Naruto-Arena:

What is the best characters in naruto-arena?

a hokage master

Naruto-arena what character is best to beat zabuza?

Recommended team: Naruto, Zaku, and Ino.

How do i play the best team on naruto-arena using Neji?

neji,neji (s),naruto (s)

What is a perfect team on Naruto-arena?

I think the best team on Naruto-arena is: Sakura, Kankuro and Shigure. (First, use Poison Bomb then use Sprinkling Needles of Shgure. Oboro, Jiraya and Naruto.

Best team to unlock curse seal Sasuke in Naruto arena?

Try Sasuke Tayuya and Naruto(S)

What is the best team to unlock Sakura in Naruto arena?

sakura is already unlocked...

Naruto arena whos a good team with Kakashi?

the best team is your mom

What is the best Naruto Arena team to unlock Asuma?

Ino and choji and shikamuru

What is the best Naruto arena team to unlock kimimaro?

depends on who u r gud at

What is the best starting team on soul arena?

Naruto, Orihime and Nami. Goodluck man!