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the best team is your mom

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Q: Naruto arena whos a good team with Kakashi?
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What is a good team with sakura?

if its naruto arena, then Team 7

What is a good team with kiba in naruto arena?


What team is the best team to get to an anbu on Naruto arena?

Tenten (s), Temari and Zaku. They are a good team,

In Naruto arena what is a good team including temari?

i would say zaku temari and naruto shippuden try that team there awesome

Need good team with Sasuke in it on naruto arena?

team 7- naruto, sasuke, sakura or... sasuke, dosu and tayuya this is what i think

What team should you use to complete search for kidomaru in Naruto arena?

a good team for this mission would be neji sakura and naruto

How do you unlock hatake Kakashi in naruto-arena?

From Teacher to Partner mission. Before that, you'll have to do the Team 7 mission. I think it's a Jounin level mission.

What is a good Naruto arena team for genin?

a good team includes neji and sasuke the other one could be a healer like sakura or Rin another good team is a team of Chakra like you use characters or each Charkra example: Zaku or Haku for bloodline Sasuke naruto or Kid Kakashi or ninjutsu Lee Neji Kiba or Jiroubo for Tijutsu (must do mission to unlock Jiroubo

Does Naruto have his own team?

Currently Naruto is part of team Kakashi so nope he doesn't have his own team yet.

Is Kakashi Narutos step brother?

is kakashi narutos stepbrother

Who is the girl in Kakashis team?

When he was in a team it was Kakashi, Obuto and Rin was the girl. If your talking about the Team 7 when Kakashi is the sensei it's Naruto ,Sasuke and the girl is Sakura.

Naruto arena good team with oboru?

oboru, shikumaru, and shipuden naruto. thats what i like to use or... oboru, jirobou, and shipuden naruto one of those.