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i would say zaku temari and naruto shippuden try that team there awesome

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Q: In Naruto arena what is a good team including temari?
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A good team with temari in in Naruto arena?

ok with temari? i know it on 100% temari,kidomaru,tenten or shikamaru!!

How do you beat the Search for Tayuya Mission in Naruto Arena?

Use good ninja with sikamaru or temari.

What team is the best team to get to an anbu on Naruto arena?

Tenten (s), Temari and Zaku. They are a good team,

What is a really good team in naruto-arena with rehab garra?

i would pick rehab gaara konkuro and temari

In naruto arena What is a good team to unlock Gaara rehab?

for gaara: gaara, shino and akadou for kimmimaro: kimmimaro, tenten S and temari for sasuke: sasuke, chiyo and dosu, replace chiyo with shizune if you dont have

Good team for the naruto-arena mission The Prodigal Son Returns?

it is naruto zaku and temari with temai first you hit all the enemies which they are taken 35 health then with zaku you do 20 damage with the air cuter then if extrame air may be used one enemy will be killed and the others will have 20 health then if you have inoff chakra you wil hit one enemy with temari and the other with zaku

How do you make Temari's fan?

I've found good instroductions from a website (see the related link below) so try searching there, or type into google "How to make Naruto Temari's fan?"

What are some good virtual game sites?

naruto-arena or soul- arena fusion fall

Where can u play naruto online games?

Naruto-Arena is a pretty good online game to me.

What a good with Hinata on Naruto arena?

hinata kiba and tayuya

What is a good team with sakura?

if its naruto arena, then Team 7

Who is good with jiroubou in naruto arena?

Hinata, Shino and Jiroubou