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Health effects on smoking

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Q: What is the best title about smoking?
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What is a good title for a smoking essay?

Smoking sucks

Complete the title of the film Thank You for?


What is another good title for not smoking?

Dont smoke because you can choke.

What songs have blaze in the title?

smoking da blaze by slim thug

What is a catchy title for smoking should be illegal?

you should put that smoking should be totally legal and stop trying to control people :D

How do you avoid lips getting black while smoking?

quit smoking... the best remedy.

Is Eating eggs and smoking is good for health?

Eating eggs is quite good for your health, however, it is best not to live on them. Smoking IS bad for you health and it is best to quit. Eating eggs will not make smoking any less bad for you. Try to quit smoking. :)

What is the BEST title for this map?

What would be the BEST title for this map?

How do you say i am writing and smoking in spanish?

Estoy escribiendo y fumando is the best way to say "I am writing and smoking" in Spanish..Estoy escribiendo y fumando would be the best way to say "I am writing and smoking" in Spanish.Estoy escribiendo y fumando is the best way to say "I am writing and smoking" in Spanish.Escribo y fumo

What are the release dates for The Best Way to Quit Smoking - 2012?

The Best Way to Quit Smoking - 2012 was released on: USA: 30 May 2012 (internet)

What can one do to prevent kids smoking?

There are several things that parents and peers can do to prevent kids from smoking. The best thing to do it talk to kids and have them understand the consequences of smoking.

Does Best Western have rooms that allow smoking?

"Best Western has consistantly strived to provided the best hotel service you can find, including free wi-fi and an open mind to any requests of preferences you may have. Best Western does in fact have smoking and non-smoking rooms, and is happy to book a room that will follow your preference. Simple mention the desire for a room that allows smoking, and they will be happy to accomodate you!"