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quit smoking... the best remedy.

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Q: How do you avoid lips getting black while smoking?
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Can smoking a black and mild while pregnant cause dizziness?

Yes and stop smoking ur pregnant sheesh

Why women's getting pain while intercourse and how to avoid that?

dont have sex you noob

What are the main things a female should avoid when pregnant?

Some of the main things a woman should avoid while pregnant are smoking and drinking. Along with these is to be sure and not do any types of drugs.

What does you want to take a hike or go hiking mean in reference to drug use?

I've heard that qued many times while in Colorado, in reference to smoking marijuana. venturing off-campus in order to avoid getting caught by campus pd.

Can you get into shape while smoking?

You can indeed get into shape while smoking. You can not get healthy or achieve fitness easily while smoking though.

How do you avoid gagging at the orthodontist while getting braces on?

Breath in and out of your nose maybe? I'm getting mine on today and my friends that have them said to do that.

What happens when you smoke while smoking?

its a bit hard not to smoke while smoking

What is the punishment for smoking marijuana in India?

its illegal for sure..if u avoid smoking in public places n noted spots then ull be fine...enjoy it in places like ur home or frnz place to be safe while scoring(buying) weed it can be a trap..peace bum bole

What foods should I avoid while on a diabetic diet?

If you need to change your diet in order to avoid getting diabetes, your doctor is probably suggesting a low fat diet. This diet will help you lose weight, and in turn, help you avoid getting diabetes.

What can you do to avoid getting cancer?

To avoid getting cancer from being obese, you need to eat healthy and excercize regularly. You can still have candy every once and a while, but you mainly need to do what was said in the first sentance.

Can alchol be used to avoid yogurt getting saur?

There is not any scientific evidence that alcohol can be used to avoid yogurt from getting sour. However, it is sometimes used to prevent yogurt from curdling while cooking.

What to dome people try to avoid getting wet while swimming?

Hair, Ears, Face, Clothes