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Dont use anything strong, it just causes problems eg. dettol;some people say dettol is good but its not i consulted many piercing technicians and thay all say dettol and those other type of products are too strong.

Warm salty water is a really good formula to use to clean your belly piercing, 1 cup of water and half a teaspoon of rock salt (make sure its not table salt), get a cotton bud and clean around both holes and then move the belly bar to try to get the liquid through.

hope my information has been helpful, good luck

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Q: What is the best thing to use to clean a belly button piercing?
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What if you have a bump or blood blister looking thing on your belly button piercing?

then you squeeze it then clean it

What are you supposed to clean your belly button piercing with?

Soap and water is the best thing to clean your body with! You can also use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or Hibiclens if you want something stronger to clean with.

Does it matter what type of belly button your have in order to get a navel piercing?

To be honest... I've never seen anyone with an "outie" belly button piercing... when I got mine done the first thing they ask was to see my belly button... so

What causes belly button dandruff?

There is no such thing as belly button dandfruff, you probably just need to clean the inside of your belly button.

Does a lip piercing hurt more than belly button piercing?

I will say yes because i have both now you have alot of nerves in both belly button and lip but the lip is much more fragile than the belly button any thing that pokes into it could hurt Alot worse than a belly button percisng^ It Actually Doesn't Hurt More Than Your Belly Button, I Have Both Done, And I'm Terrified Of Needles. Your Lip Just Feels A Bit Weirder, But Doesn't Hurt. :)

Can you tan with a belly button piercing?

my first belly piercing was at the end of May of last year so right before summer and i swam, tanned, and changed the piercing all the time and noting happened to me. the only thing i recommend is just use sunscreen and you'll be fine :]

Is your belly ring infected it red what do you clean it with?

the best thing to wash a belly button ring is with anti-bacterial soap it stops the scar tissue

Can you get a belly button ring without getting your belly button pierced?

When you get your belly button pierced, the person doing it will generally, if not always, use a stainless steel belly button ring. At least they will if they're a professional, and if not you don't really need to get a piercing from them anyway.This will have to stay in until the piercing is properly healed and then you can put in a clear or plastic retainer, available in different colors.

Will smoking weed affect my new belly button piercing I got it almost a week ago?

Yes it will. Smokekng has many thing harmful affects too

Is there some thing called belly button?

Yes. "Belly button" is another name for a person's naval.

Is it bad to get your belly button pierced if your super skinny?

Not at all, if you have the right body for it. The only reason a navel piercing would be "bad" is if you have a body that interferes with the healing process. To see if your body is suited for a navel piercing, you should:Sit down in a chair or at your bedside, in a relaxed positionLook to see if your belly button gets tucked under your skin (most girls thing these rolls of skin are "fat," but anyone can have this effect, no matter what they weigh)If your belly button tucks under, your body is probably not fit for a navel piercing.Another way to check is to see if you have a horizontal dent/line that goes across your abdomen (naturally or when sitting). If so, then your body is probably not a good candidate for a navel piercing.

Do Claire's do belly piercing?

No, Claire's don't do belly piercing. Claire's don't actually do piercing at all, they use a piercing gun which is not the same thing, and legally can only be used on earlobes. If you want any sort of piercing you should always go to a piercing studio.