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Depending on which credit report company one is with, depends on the highest credit report, as they have different categories. Experian's ratings are Very Poor, Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent, so Excellent being the best credit score. Equifax reports scores between 300-900, 900 being the best credit score. There are plenty of other provider's for gaining a credit report.

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2013-05-29 06:43:12
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Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: What is the best credit report someone can have?
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How can one request a free credit report from Experian?

Going directly to the Experian website is the best way to get a free credit report. Some personal information is required. Someone get can one free credit report from them a year.

Where could one get a free credit report with no credit card required?

On the web, receiving a free credit report without a credit card are few and far between. By far the best option for someone seeking their once a year report, Credit Karma is a great site.

Where can one view my credit report?

Someone can view their own credit report from a number of credit scoring agencies, such as equifax, transunion, and annual credit report, and experian.

Can I report credit card fraud if I know someone who has someone elses credit card?

Yes I believe you can report credit card fraud if you know someone who has someone elses credit card, if let's say one of your friends or family member got there credit card stolen and you also know the person who stole the credit card you can report a credit card fraud or you can just let your friend or family member report fraud on there credit card, I hope this helps :).

What is the best way to win my credit report dispute?

The best way to win a credit report dispute is to show proof of your claim.

How can someone monitor their credit report?

One can monitor their own credit report online. Websites like Equifax, Experian, and Transunion offer a free credit report once a year for users to help monitor their credit report.

Does it hurt your credit score when you have a credit report service that allows you to check your credit score as much as you want?

It only hurts your credit score when someone else pulls your credit report.

How can someone contact Experian Credit for a free report?

Experian Credit can easily be contacted via the phone or email. Additionally, one can visit experian Credit and ask for a free report in person. The very best way of all however is to submit a credit request online.

If someone runs your credit report can you get a copy of it from them?

There are many web-sites that will provide you with a copy of your own credit report if you ask for it ! You don't need to wait for someone to run your details through a credit agency - you can get your own report any time you want to.

Where can someone get a free credit card report?

One can get a free credit card report by going to your local bank and requesting one. A dedicated agent will help you prepare your finances for the credit report.

Can you report a debt someone owes you to the credit bureau if they are not paying?


How do you find out if someone is using your name?

Check your credit report.

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