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Someone can view their own credit report from a number of credit scoring agencies, such as equifax, transunion, and annual credit report, and experian.

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Q: Where can one view my credit report?
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Where can you go to view your credit report?

You can view your credit report online using the one official annual free credit report agencies. It is Annual Credit Report. Do not bother with the others.

Can you view your credit report online?

The best place to view your credit report is free credit report dot com. The only problem is the report you get is not the same one that the banks look at for a loan or mortgage. The report you see is good to make sure that no one has opened a credit card in your name.

Where can one view their credit report online for free?

A person looking to view their credit report online may do so at a number of websites. Some websites that offer free reports include Annual Credit Report, Experian, Equifax, and Credit Karma.

Where can one view your credit report?

You can view your credit reports for free 12 months from the 3 major credit reporting agencies. These can be requested through the website for Annual Credit Report or by calling 1-877-322-8228.

Where can one view their credit report?

Credit reports can be viewed by applying to one of the credit agencies such as Experian or Equifax. It is generally possible to view this report for free or even to get some money back from doing this by going via a cashback site.

where can i get my free credit report scores? allows you to view your credit report scores.

How do you view a credit report?

Everyone in the US is entitled for a free annual credit report. you can view yours by ordering one online, through a government website or by calling 877-322-8228.

Whats sites allow you to view your credit report free?

There are many sites that allow you to view your credit report free. Many of these sites were created by credit reporting agencies. People have a right to have a free credit report every year due to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How can one obtain a free National Credit Report?

One can obtain a free National Credit Report from any reputable credit report site. These include Free Credit Report, Equifax, and Annual Credit Report.

Where could one get an instant credit report?

One could get an instant credit report from many different places. One Stop Credit Report gives fast credit reports, as do Credit Karma and Annual Credit Report. These three sites are excellent places to go for an instant credit report.

What is credit authorization?

It's a form you sign to authorize another person to view your credit report.

Where can I view a free credit report?

You can view your free credit report at The website does ask for a credit card and gives you a 30 day free trial.After your 30 day free trial you must contact them in writing to cancel your agreement or your credit card will be billed.